What those ppl consider "small chunks"

If this is true, 20k€ kthxbb :rofl:

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Insane how stupid some ppl are, investing huge amounts on money in a game, illegal, and then post photos of it…

My brains bleeds by reading this article… So many misinformation… True about ban but…
“had a lot of influence on the game” no he didn’t.
“a leading role in the whole of EUC” no he wasn’t.
“He also explains that he has created several tickets on Amazon and has not received a satisfactory response” and he won’t because he deserves that.

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What’s the point anyway… To easy do Valtan or what? To show-off they invested an enormous amount of money in a game?

Honestly the nonsense of individuals to constantly keep pushing honing and ilvl in a lot of characters has reached the point of stupidity. Instead of doing all the content that the game has to offer, they do this kind of things which has no sense at all.

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“had a lot of influence on the game”
Was the leader of the top 6 guilds in EUC.

“a leading role in the whole of EUC”
Refer to above.

In the end it doesn’t matter now that he is banned and hopefully it’s permanent and his charge back is refused.