What Tilts You in Raids? Make A List

I’ll start off for each raid and we can keep growing this list?


  1. When people don’t bother going for 3 tower phase at the start of gate 2 and just stand in Narnia after first charge

  2. When people don’t bother using des bombs or save des skills to break it before the skill animation (which causes it to go to second charge automatically instead of the normal pattern required for tower break).


  1. During orb pattern in gate 2 - when a flex fks up people just watch the orb hit vykas and wipe the party rather than killing themselves to prevent a party wipe. So many times I have to run from 11 to 5, 7 to 11, etc. because I notice this imbalance and kill myself and adjust for it or time stop. Why are people so stupid that they ping hey we’re missing someone help but if no ones coming they don’t bother to just prevent the wipe???


  1. Mario 1 only.
  2. 3 people who don’t know clock position for maze and needs you to ping for all of them. And if you aren’t actively pinging they run around like crazy making it more difficult for you.


  1. Care about dps more than being ready for yellow/blue wipe mechs causing a wipe or forcing party to adjust for them being in Narnia at the start.
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Running each of them 6+ times weekly only for gold (since you long since stopped needing the crafting materials) even though the content has been beaten to death, you’re 100 ilvls above the fight and half the time the boss is dead and sitting at 0 HP going through the motions of locked in mechanics.

That is by far what tilts me the most about Raiding in Lost Ark.

What mistakes do players make that tilts me? None of them. Players make mistakes, it happens. It’s the simple fact a year later I am there to witness the mistakes being made at all that’s the problem, and why so few people have little patience left at all anymore.


read my vykas one. That’s not mistake that’s people being clueless and caring about not dying personally vs causing everyone to die.

The mistakes above are not mistakes in my opinion, it is people being ignorant. Note that I didn’t put things like failed orb in gate 1 vykas, or failed counters, or failed mario, etc. Those one I can understand but stuff which is due to greed and just standing somewhere?? Or standing still?? or taking one for the team?? Those are not mechanic those are standing and moving or using battle item.

people don’t ping properly Maze
just share screen move on
u share screen for bingo anyway

requires everyone to be on discord/able to access not always the case in pugs. tell me how any of what i posted as gripes is an issue

Ppl still dont know pizza mech in argos, or the sun moon mech and position in Argos and you want valtan,vykas knowledge?

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i aint doing clowns if no discord
waste of time

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

trust them to ping Bingo safe spots which req Math spatial awareness

To answer more in line with where you’re going with this

Brel G5 when it’s last call for shapes and instead of hugging a wall they are standing in the middle of 20 shapes trying to greed damage and mess up their shape count.

#instantstopraid after 1 death in brel
#KICK (someone) despite no one dying just because someone did a mech differently (i was most amazed when someone started flaming me for wanting to double corro in valtan so we can move through the mech faster)
#a support enters a full lobby saying “i got friends”

Gate 2 labirynth with no discord screen share
Gate 3 - overall Gate 3 - its easy to do when u have 1520+ dps and u jump from mario to mario without having to worry about does my party do enaugh damage to kill it on 2 bingo without problems because problems start to appear when u have to do more then 2 bingos

BUT my friend tooday went on Clown with his Artist ( 1480 ) and 3 dps below 1500 - all he said was - im dissapointed and my day is ruined, furthermore he said he spend 2 hours 12 minutes doing from G1 to G3

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This 1000000%. Valtan is the best example of this. 0% hp before he starts doing his ghost phase pattern but still have to go through ghost phase. Then there’s vykas and clown. They don’t really count but if I’ve already cleared the boss X amount of times, they should just remove the mechanic at 0 hp, vykas stagger and bingo.

Vykas G2
Always some of them write pos for second mech during/before the demon dead (G1).

Clown G2
Should learn to use without discord, it’s quicker than asking someone who has discord, requesting and joining.

Brel G6
Half of the party are back-attackers, Brel decides to trolling and move to the edge, lure her out, she teleported at the edge, lure her out, she push herself back to the edge. Wtf.

7/8 ready guy and non auto skip guy

Go **** to yourself!!!

  • Toxic players
  • Bad players blaming others for their own mistakes. Mistakes, which they will then repeat, multiple times
  • restart spam, when the alive players could simply finish within 2 minutes instead of redoing an 8+ minute fight
  • After months and months, high item level/high roster level players still don’t know basic mechanics such as Valtan Gate 1 Orbs, how to aim Valtan’s charge in Gate 2
  • Kakul pugs talking about mario before even starting Gate 1, then failing miserably
    → No ping on heart
    → no whirlwind used, all skills on cooldown for stagger
    → ignores dice and proceeds to stand infront of the boss
    → Greeds in maze, twice, then dies to x55 bar mechanic
    → “Can I do Mario 1?” / “I can only do Mario 1 or 2”, followed by a wipe, because the player did not prepare their gauge beforehand and mini jumped to the wall
  • Gatekeeping
    → Yes, I get it. You want to be done fast. But come on… I am ilvl 1540 5x3 level 9 gems… don’t reject me for Andy with ilvl 1550 4x3 with level 7 gems
    → I confess: I rejected three artists for Kakul today, because I do not want to play Igniter Sorc without Yearning 4-Set buff. Forgive me AYAYA for I have sinned.
  • Lag
  • Desync
  • Input delay
  • Time investment versus reward being terrible in 90% of pug groups, that I have experienced

It’s become the fun thing to do to call your G2 spots while clearing the G1 trash.

its a difficult game, and will be frustrating, i go elsewhere if i dont want to handle difficult and frustrating situations, that’s all i can do. Tilts me when pple expect everything to be perfect in raids.

I don’t care about pos, it’s just I prefer a clean chat than it looks messy (mix with battle infos, reward etc) and I know it’s adjustable, but I noticed other people need time to scroll up and down, overlooked and call already taken pos.

It probably doesn’t work nearly as well in full pug runs, but when we Vykas train there is usually 6-7 of us Static knocking out 6 runs so 1 or 2 pick ups per run.

So we all insta call (since we always just do the same every time to keep things moving quick) just to see if the pug will play along or have a brain meltdown.

It’s literally the only excitment we get running these lol

At least you call, similiar situation I was as Pugrunner in 5-6 static group. They didnt write in Chat “Hey it’s already taken, me, my pal there and my pal there” and I asked whats left then for me? lol

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