What Tilts You in Raids? Make A List

Look at the bright side, you GL has dmg compared to my bard. Got left with 2 others in deska, finished in 8 min instead of 4+, but we still did it and it was way more fun.

A bit more general but…
people who make a mistake that causes a wipe and still scream at others for their mistakes.
Tiny example: someone called me bad for messing up 5-45 in Vykas 2 (only took 4, could have time stopped 4 & 5 but forgot to at that time). That was the guy who died btw and next try he ate the wrong orb. Then he quit. Cleared it easily without him, so there.

people who greed and always explode in clown. so much chaos xD same in vykas, people who always have to be sleep bombed and/or kill others by getting charmed.

Wiping endlessly in clown g3. hate this gate.


  • “2x Orbs” means 2x Orbs
  • Pushing DPS too hard at the start before orbs can be collected for Balthorr
  • Running to the bottom after axe drop and not being fast enough to lure Valtan into a pillar, I have robes for this just in case
  • The community not having a general way to do the dodge and run mechanic right before ghost phase so lots of people don’t die without Balthorr (either fast = top, slow = bottom, time stop, etc.)


  • G2 first mechanic probably could use about 1 more second on the timer to run, some slower classes barely make it and a robe only lasts so long (I try to have marching flags to help)
  • Not every party is equipped to do Wei Frogs in G3, and it’s even worse the higher ilvl you are (meaning that you’re more likely to not have Wei for final stagger instead, having to rely on people who know what to do at the end AND not get hit to do tentacles reliably)
    There’s a reason they choose TS consistency over Wei Frogs in KR, maybe one day Global will get there


  • G3: Shenanigans the Fight
    Anything can screw you over, and sometimes it’s not even your fault
    Bingo is aight though


  • G0 skip can’t come fast enough
  • G1 and G5 are useless filler and I wish they would take them out and spread the rewards out to the rest of the gates
  • G2 orange orb mech is just a clusterfuck of shit that can go wrong and I wish it would be adjusted to make it more consistent
  • G3 stars mech being so close to each other with only a small portion of classes able to complete the mechanic safely without splash damage was just a bit of an oversight
    Also too I believe there’s something wrong that happens with the diamonds sometimes, twice in a row one time I broke 3 of them and only got credit for the last break and I don’t think I’m the only one that’s happened to
  • G6 is just a poorly designed fight, from the long cutscenes to having to hold damage, and add in the inverted controls (which can cause some issues accessibility wise) and it just turns into a “I want to get this done to get my horns and then I’m just doing G1-4 and deja vu to get my title”
  • Also too missing an input on the jumping mechanics can screw over a deathless run, like, come on people, seriously


  • Imposters

Its oke if your Build is Good and u did your best so you are not trash. But if u join a Reclear lobby. Atleast be honest like " i dont have so much exp so be patience " or " its oke for you guys if im not 100% good on every mech? "

And dont lie with your Buyd Titels and be silent and hope no ones see “my fails”.

When your party leader instantly accepts a 1540+ player with <125 roster level even though dozens of 1500 players with >200 roster level are applying.

The odds for that whale to pass the mechanics, survive until the end of the fight and be one of the four players on the MVP screen are staggeringly low.

If a player is floor POV or wiping the entire party with mechanics, upon inspection he is low roster level 9/10 times. Meanwhile party leaders don’t even inspect him, they just see a high item level and instantly accept.

Valtan: Same haha… They probably forgot to repair? Not even my on-gear score sorc died there.
People falling down in G2 happens waaay too often. Also to more experienced players xD

Vykas G2: Wow… I mean, I often write the numbers even when I’m 7-2 (for example) because yeah… better have it double than have number 1 forget to do so. Which happens quite a lot unfortunately but those players usually don’t blame the flex for messing it up afterwards.

Brel G3: Ouch D: Yeeah, that’s why we always pick the classes for stars (and cubes) carefully. Or talk about which skills to use.

Brel G5: Do-does this really happen? Seen people do really stupid stuff in there (like headspacing and not seeing the 140x HP for shape placement) but never run in the opposite direction like they have no clue what they are doing lol Guess I can feel more confident with my 5 clears.

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