What time est would be the latest time we get info about patch?

Just curious what time to give up hope

Based on all patch notes since release, we can expect patch notes as late as 48minutes before the patch.


Don’t you guys like surprises ? :clown_face:

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sounds about right. Would say close to 1-3h before patch times

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An hour before isnt unheard of also with lancemaster is was literally 15mins between a “sorry guys its delayed” to “hold on big dave managed to fix that bug here it comes”.

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If I didn’t have to get a day off to run with my static who also needs times in advance for running the new content(Vykas) and was not able to prepare for new content, ex save rest bonus for new g.raid etc, I wouldn’t care. However…

waiting till the last minute to say oh we are sorry, we are going to extend our failure, i mean kfc event…

Poor management, lack of communication and ignoring customer’s feedback. Rest assured that this 250k players will keep on dropping.


Lol. Guess you missed my post yesterday with the pic of the sorc bots at the

Most likely 180k - 200k players, which is still good as long as EU legislation to ban lootboxes doesn’t go through anytime soon.

It is just sad to see the game i wasted time and money on is performing like that, great game yet poor management.

Reading the posts of free Rox or w.e, is kinds disgusting, if this is one of their staff talking, imagine how things are inside.


Why worry about this? It will come out when it comes out. Letting a video game update affect your life in any way seems odd.

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It’s affected yours enough that you felt the need to comment about it and acted on that impulse.

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Its is not affecting my life lol, it is a game i play as you are i guess. I would say you meant “Expecting”. Which at this point i can tell you i have no expectation from this team.

its done when its done

Tomorrow morning when we learn the big update is delayed.

The patch is in a Yoz jar. You have to rng it for it to be installed.


There is a difference between the game affecting ones life and commenting on how others let it affect theirs. Reading and comprehension is an often displayed weakness around here. Dont worry though, the more you work at it the better you will get.

Maybe they are planning to release artist, the longer they stall the more money her onlyfans will make the moment she hits 18+

At this point, who cares, they haven’t made anything on time yet. They are like that “friend” who can never make it to any event on time. Eventually you just stop caring.

Surprise mechanics ?

And you’re a prime example.

Yet here you are on the game forums instead of outside improving your life. So the game doesn’t affect your life in any way but dictates where and when you spend your time. Hmm.