What time est would be the latest time we get info about patch?

I tried to do my Rapport outside.

Walked up to this pretty girl and tried to stuff a bunch of Prideholm potato’s at her.

Did not work out as expected.

And here you thought you would try and post something witty but failed to think it through. Remember to read and comprehend. Keep working at it and you will get better. :beers:

People have schedules and eventually want to plan around their hobbies. Crazy concept, isn’t it?

Except what I wrote was not witty, but accurate and you failed to comprehend it despite it being so simply explained. You say it’s odd that the game affects their life in any way yet it affects yours so strongly you can’t help but argue about it on it’s forums. It’s not hard to show foolishness when people make fools of themselves… Go on and post your reply, solidifying my argument.

I freely admit the game impacts my life far more than it should.

That’s why they call it an addiction.

That would be a good thing. The EU market and the NA market are too big to pull out of. The games would change to fit the laws. Though not sure if LA would change or shut down.

Imagine actually having dates for big patches so that there is hype around your game that you can advertise and build a bigger playerbase instead of making the current actual player want to stop playing because of communication issues

approximately around never o’clock

or maybe when ags stops demanding weird changes to our builds and having to wait for sg to comply or not.

Time to wait for another publisher takes over Lost Ark :shushing_face: maybe they can do better~

I don’t mind playing all over again BUT WITH BETTER MANAGEMENT (especially communication and time management)!