What to do now? - Super Express Wrong Character

Hihi, I don’t know who to ping but basically to the game support team.

Can we get a heads up on how we should proceed with this current chaos?
Maybe a, “All right you guys don’t touch anything, we are working on this issue” or something?

Who knows some players can’t wait anymore and just claim rewards and screw up a potential chance to change character for the event.


Note: Please no posting those region, server, name here. Just want an answer from AGS team to us. If they ever reply.


Yeah, I now have the same question for the game support team. Until now, they just put a notice in-game, I guess it’s to prevent this situation happens to more players, but to those players who already get messed up because of the unclear description of the Super Express, we didn’t see any further reply about it.

Oh, I think I missed that message, thanks for sharing. I guess they are taking actions already. We just have to be patient.

So I assume, our best option is to not touch anything that affects the event reward. Maybe some players claimed rewards already and later on they reset event that they receive double rewards. But imo, better safe than sorry.