What to do with T1/T2 bounded mats?

Do not know what to do with it… Destroy? :confused:

I work a lot on it, I don’t want to destroy them… But today I buy bag slots to have some space just to allocate them…

Any chance to convert them in something useful on my T3 char? Or at least migrate them to chars in my Roster?


well you CAN sell them for 1silver a piece to a vendor :hugs:

i’d keep them for the off chance that someday they will become useful in one way or the other


Gold? Which vendor?

All the vendors you can sell stuff to like potion vendor for example.

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You either get rid of them or hold onto them for the faint dream of them one day becoming roster-bound.

Realistically though, between the market and pirate coins, if you have to take an alt through T1 again the only thing keeping them down is shards/leapstones.

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Frustration delete them.

Feel free to bump this old thread and keep voicing your opinion that this is just simply bad game mechanics.

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Done. Hope some CM answer us there or here.

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Throw away your bound T1/T2 mats. You don’t need them.

I keep them all just for the tiny chance they may change them to roster bound someday.

ohhh sorry i meant silver not gold. old habits.

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Yeah, for now, I am keeping them as well. The issue is that I already reach a state that new slots are being required just to allocate them.

Convert them for something useful for my T3 char or send them to chars in my roster would be great.

i will always keep them. because many people like me have hope, that they could change character bound items to roaster bound items. i also heard, that the KR version have vendors, where you can exchange the items for other things. but not sure is it true

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That would be perfect :heart_eyes:

objection your honor this would not be a harmless change. so the 500+ bound leapstones that each of my alts have been farming passively from unas, boss rush, and chaos would now be able to be sent to my main. along with all mats from cubes, mats from character specific quests.
If they were to just do a sweeping wide change turning all bound mats into roster bound, the game would be UNPLAYABLE without alts, and with alts, it would take zero time at all to get any honing done. the game would have to be rebalanced completely.
They cant change the t1/t2 mats that came from islands or whatever because there is no trace linking them back to those sources. they are mixed in with everything else. Sure, they could change it for future players, but this would require them to create a whole new set of materials which are roster bound (since there are no roster bound honing mats in existence currently, only bound or tradeable). But besides, how many players will this impact? almost everyone is past that point.
overall, it is fine, and people just need to realize that they made a mistake and learn to not make it again if you plan to play the game for longer than 3 months it really wont matter anyways, and eventually people will figure out how to open what they need.

The general consensus is that this would only apply to T1/2 materials since at no point would you ever been forced to delete T3 materials on any character

Perhaps even make it a stronghold research that lets you convert materials into roster bound at a 3:1 ratio. That way you are still removing large chunks from the economy while also making players feel the work they did to gather them resources was not in vain

Click and drag them to the left of your inventory and press Enter

Spam forums as a feedback to make them roster bound.

Just store them until there will be a solution for this problem. I do this actually.

In one post, I think it was Roxx, who said that this issue was forwarded to Smilegate. Now we have to wait what they’re doing.