What to play, LA or BDO, cons and pros? Opinions?

I realized that lost ark is probably a unique game here in Europe and NA which i have not really played before and enjoy. However, I realized that it takes too much of my time and I keep missing it honestly because of the constant progression and lovely combat.

I really cannot decide if I want to come back to lost ark or go back to black desert, I am utterly confused by what I want to do. I know I enjoy BDO but I know I enjoy lost ark more, my only issue with lost ark are the things I will list below.

Lost ark pros

  • Lovely Combat
  • Stunning scenery/dungeons/legion raids.
  • Music top notch in everything.
  • Different outfits.
  • The enhancing system.

Lost ark Cons

  • The community [gatekeeping, toxicity, overall elitism].
  • P2W, it is arguably even worse than black desert, but of course P2W is whatever in my opinion. Just mentioning it since it’s a con. [BDO you can only list max certain number of items in central market in accordance to your family fame, thus limiting your spending Vs Lost ark, 1k a day with no limits in regards to RMTing].
  • Time consuming. [2 hours just to finish dailies if you wish to do caliligos on all alts. If you do kunge time is dropped to maybe 1.5-1.75 hours].
  • Support shortage [having to wait 2+ hours for supports in certain brel gates, or certain times of the game].
  • AGS/Smilegate many upsets, every week there has been an oopsie.
  • Classes releasing too slow, won’t see slayer for another what 10 months?
  • New systems to welcome new players still not released when they are needed?
  • Everyone in my friends group quitting.
  • Legion raids taking anywhere from 30 minutes each up to 5 hours depending on unfortunate circumstances.
  • Before anyone says anything about the side-content, I believe it is fine and actually found it relatively relaxing.
  • Has lost a huge player base number over only a span of 11 months.

BDO Pros:

  • Combat system
  • Graphics
  • Community
  • Life skilling / more than one path to take, can take a break from grinding and make income another way.
  • Content not restricted to dailies/weeklies.
  • Actually receive free character slot coupons, unlike this game.
  • Has been around since 2014 December, and has kept a stable player base.
  • Way more classes to choose from + trial characters available to check chars vs lost ark.
  • NO RMT [Piloting does exist]
  • Daily rewards don’t spit on your face.
  • Easier for new players to enter, many events to help new players and systems implemented.
  • Dungeons exist, fun as well. Not as fun as lost ark but decent.

BDO Cons:

  • P2W evidently
  • Repetitive grind as well.
  • Can cause you to have Finger stiffness.
  • Updates obviously slower than lost ark, but that will change in lost ark as well. Once we catch up to Korea updates wont be there, and only every year give take.
  • Open world PVP, some1 can kill you or feed you to mobs at any time. [happens not too often].
  • EU more deadge than korea in terms of market, have to buy crons from vendor.
  • Need three subscriptions. Old moon/kama/VP.
  • Upgrades after a certain point become hours of grinding.
  • Gear can break, but that’s at a much later stage which you do not have to participate in, can actually get your gear with silver.

Now to conclude,
I cannot decide what to get back into.
I am worried that lost ark won’t last another year.
That’s why I am skeptical of what to play.
I am also worried because lost ark has not addressed the issues with the time consuming dailies and dungeon issues such as supports.
Lost ark keeps releasing DPS classes. Why are there so many more DPS classes than support classes if there is such huge issue with supports.
And why are the new methods to help new players enter the game not out yet? Why are there no new systems to help people make alts easier so there are more supports in the game?
Our economy is already suffering enough from the lower player base and higher gold inflation due to the bots pumping us with gold.

What game should I actually go for? What should I start playing again?

I just wish that I could recommend this game to friends. But I currently cannot do that.

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Play whatever you enjoy, its that easy


I guess main issue is being tired of hopping games.

It’s not really about playing what you like once you’ve tried every MMO out there.

Either be it blade and soul
Revelation online.

Revelation online and blade and soul did not stand the passing of time, in fact ended up worse than anyone would’ve imagined.

And this game is really based on group content. Thus my extra worry about the longevity of it.

TBH, though. I mean not for me tho, cause i hate grinding for the sake of grinding. And thats essentially what BDO does. I am more of a PvE Boss fight guy so its clearly Lost Ark in my case.

Combat wise its though. You have two different play perspectives. 3-person and isometric. I love both combat playstyles. I think BDO shines expecially in combat rotations and visuals. it just looks georgous! i played a darkknight(i think thats what she is called).
Furthermore the costumization is of the charts with BDO, even tho Lost Arks is good too. I think there is no other game on the market right now, who can match this kind of freedom.

But in the end what for? To run from camp to camp killing mobs? Dunno. I mean there is the same thing with Lost ark in the main portion of the game. But you can blast your farmed gear in legion raids of. BDO doenst let you do that. Or atleast that i am not aware of. i quit BDO in 2020. Maybe they changed things.

Just play what you enjoy, if one day you wake up and you dont feel like login in don’t do it, idk why is it so hard for you guys

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At the end this is pretty much irrelevant since most people play on lowest graphic settings and the game looks like shit

What’s stopping you from playing both? You dont have to be bound to a single game.


Nope, not for fashion. I think people understimate how much influence fashion has these days^^

There are even terms for fashion/cosplay in these games. The most amount of time i spent in this game was in the character manager costumizing my class. :slight_smile:

Im a sucker for fashion in games, i have over 200 skin pieces on Lost ark, but i told you its irrelevant since you will be playing at lowest graphics cuz in that game more fps = more dps and thats not even a joke.


Ye for the top players that is true.

Im also a sucker for good graphics on games, but in BDO since all you do is stay at the same grinding stop 24/7 i was like, is it worth letting my gpu to run at 100% at a high temp if all im doing is killing the same mob groups over and over? thats when i decided to put everything on low lol

I played BDO for 5 yrs and LAO for 1year.

For me when deciding what to play it boiled down to quality over everything else.

BDO is a solid game, but so much feels unpolished, half assed and half done. There is layers of systems on systems that are never feeling like they are fully finished, and so much wasted potential in those systems.

The pve is “good” but it’s never more than good, the fights are never challenging, neither in the latest dungeon of BDO (Atoraxxion or whatever it’s called)

We can hate on Lost Ark as much as we want… but it’s got some of the best, if not THE best modern boss fights and pve content there is to offer.

There is ofc a few reskins of bosses, however the scenary in legion raids, the cutscenes, the themes/art/voice acting, the effects is above and beyond absolutely every game on the market IMO.

If I’m going to play a game and progress in it, and invest time/money, I want the game to show me that the devs (or at least some of them) love and care for the game through the quality of the content.

I’m not diminshing the argument of “grind” and repeating dungeons, etc, in lost ark. There is a gameplay loop in all games, that is not avoidable.

For me that’s why I choose to play LAO over BDO. The overal quality of the content is to a much much higher standard than BDO. Regardless of the gameplay loops involved or the p2w or whatever else.

Quality > everything else, and LAO has that in abundance over BDO.

IMO it’s more worth to spend a few hours a day and “sort of run out of content” in LAO (if you play like 1 char because of the timegates), in a game where the quality is high and you have a really good time for those few hours, than to play a game for 12hours and you’re having an OK time but it’s not that great because the quality isn’t that high, but your never running out of content because there is not much timegating.


But not everyone is/was playing the stupid grind game. I did life skilling most of the time. Dont need high output.

That is like saying that people on lost ark play the game just to do life skills and RP instead of honing their equipment lol

Idk i just feel like BDO is a game with no endgame, there is not a goal outside 1 shotting people in pvp

No its not. Life skilling in this game is huge compared to lost ark. The hell are you on about? You draw a comperison between lost arks and bdos crafting system?

Then you acutally never played the market tbh.

No im not comparing both systems, im just saying: whats the point of playing if you aren’t going to level up in bdo?
If you wanna play farm simulator there are better games

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Playing the market? Economy simulator? Ever played EVE Online? People enjoy that xD

I would go on farm runs and buying stuff of the market and crafting 24/7 just to increase my gold amount, while looking good :smiley:

Well the reason why I am skeptical about lost ark is because the devs do not seem to care much about EU/NA and that cannot be argued by anyone. We have seen that the choices have left people with quite a sour mouth.

I guess the reason why I am not playing both, answer to another person here @Bryan is because I do not have the time. I work and also a uni student. I just have limited time and honestly got quite sad that My only 2-3 hours of gaming where consisted of dailies and waiting on lobbies honestly.

I think what is to be mentioned is that unless you have four to five hours a day to spare for lost ark you are not gonna be able to enjoy the game at its maximum capabilities.

and don’t get me wrong. I agree that LOST ark in general is a superior game by all means.
Just a bit crappy on the delivery side from AGS and smilegate and the dailies essentially.

BDO is a grind game too, at least it was before when i used to play

They don’t care about how the game is serviced,

but that’s a big difference in regard to the actual content of the game.

If you look at the game itself, and played it soley based off that, it’s leagues above BDO imo.

All the legion raids are fucking epic experiences, heck even some of the guardian raids too. The voice acting/story is all coherent and there is twists/turns.

The content we get, in this regard will almost always be the same and somewhat unaffected by “not caring from the devs”. They do care about the content they produce, they just don’t care about our region. And we will get that content… eventually