What to watch out for while leveling new alt manually

Hello guys,

for some time now Steam is telling me I am really close to get this achievement “Rise Up”

Unfortunately I didn’t do this while I was leveling my main character and since then I was using power passes or knowledge transfer for every single alt, obviously.

I am a completionist though, and I would like to get this achievement out of my way, so I’ve decided to level one alt manually to level 50 (might as well collect some cards etc.).

My question is - Is there anything else that can only be done during leveling? Hidden achievements as part of storyline which are later non accessible etc. Mostly from Prideholme up to North Vern/Shushire?

I really don’t want to do another manual leveling only to find out there’s still stuff I missed.

Thank you

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All I know is I never did the second awakening quest–one of the powerpasses completed it for me and that really bothered me. Don’t know if I can actually do it anymore but really wanted to see the story first-hand and not look it up on youtube or something (haven’t checked memory chamber)…

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You cant >:(

Is that something that has changed in newer powerpasses? When I did it I powerpassed and went to Trixion and Talked to Beatrice who started the 2nd awakening questline.

It was with the Punika pass is all I know