What type of enemy is Valtan? (demon, beast, undead)?

Kind of an ‘on the spectrum’ min max question here, but I have some extra card collection experience to burn and wanted to up my damage on Valtan Legion Raid. The awakenings under ‘Books’ section grant extra damage versus specific enemy types.

So what is Valtan from the Legion Raid considered?

According to a wiki his species is ‘demon’ however, when you encounter him in the Resurrected Demon Beast Lair is that still the case? He is also the Demon Beast commander. His foul resurrection into a patchwork body by Akkan could also have him considered Undead.

Demon? (base type from wiki)
Beast? (beast commander, he’s pretty much a minotaur himself)
Undead? (resurrected by evil magic and kind of insane)

I think all the Legion Commanders are considered ‘demons’ based on the wiki, and if I had to guess I’d say Valtan is also just considered a demon, but wanted to see if anyone knew otherwise.

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He has “demon” written under his hp bar

Just to update correct information

Valtan: No weakness, element = no element except p1 boss has darkness
good to have card books bonus = beast & demon according to korea inven valtan is consider beast and demon

Demon of the Beast Legion

I read that weakness gives 10% bonus damage, can some1 confirm?

He is mostly physical DMG btw.

Does Dark damage reduction reduce his damage ?Is he weak to holy ? I have LoS 12 awak. change damage to holy does anyone know is it gives any damage bonus ?

It should give 10%, if you have a static you can try!

Afaik of all the legion commanders only one deals dark dmg. Valtan isnt the one.

I would assume any card with "reduced dmg from Bosses types is better, but the usual setup for a more defensive approach is 3+3 tortoyk+shusire sets for:

15% higher heals (balances cursed doll or fulls you in hp when using purples)

12% less dmg taken under 50% hp

10% phys/mag def with first awakening of tortoyk

Furher dmg reduction under 50% hp with shushire awakening

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