What type of male mage class do you want in the game?

The new male mage will come from Annika and it will be called Exorcist.

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Let’s create Gandalf


I would love an alchemist.

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Has anyone said Jedi yet?


Male Arcanist so I can play Gambit

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A very old, rare mage class many don’t know about. The Auctionmancer. His passive allows him to browse the auction house at the front of the line. All other adventurers be damned

Is he in the same subclass as the Raider, who has +5 to the Keep_Connection substat?

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Druid / necro. Cliché but awesome.

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He is also known as the Portalist who can get you through loadingscreens and into dungeons without having to remake groups.

Id like a real mage support not a pianist or painter

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