What was the reasoning behind Soulfist latest class changes?

Hi! I was just reading the class changes for Soulfist and just thought it seemed kinda lackluster. As far as I know, everybody say that Soulfist heavily underperforms and requires too much work. Shouldn’t this be an indicator to buff the class by a bigger margin? Sorry I don’t know how well the new changes are in effect in KR, elaboration is needed be appreciated. Thanks!

*planning to make a Soulfist haha

It underperforms, yes.

Then people will come here to tell you to git gud and the class is fine as Korean whales with best in slot minmaxed tripods relic gear do just fine.

The main point is that the class does not underperform related to the content in the game, it can do all content just fine.

It only underperforms when compared to the top tier classes who can do the same content but much faster and better.

Good luck soloing Velganos in 3 minutes with a non min-maxed hugely overleveled soulfist.

The changes were too sweeping and there was large pushback from the community.
In part due to the changes themselves but also due to the difficulty of having to change so much of their existing gear at high levels to fit the new balance patch.

In his recent address to the community the director announced they’ll be adding functionality, such as an extended tripod storage to the game to alleviate this concern for the future.

So expect to see bigger changes for classes in the future once they get around to that ~

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To give you a shortest and most simple answer im capable of :slight_smile: :

  • SG wants to revamp Soulfist and started to do so during PTR
  • PTR was too short and too many issues were encountered during the PTR.
  • therefore they reversed most of it and just gave it a dps buff and few spell changes and kept the new QoL feature that allows you to stop hype whenever you want.
  • SG said they will do a revamp for soulfist they didnt give up on that.
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Also, previously soulfists were not really getting buffed.
The rework they were trying to do was nerfing soulfists even more. I think this is the main reason koreans rejected the changes so much.

For now soulfists will keep self buffing, got some ajustments on skills and raw 7% dmg buff.
And you can turn on and off hype mode, this will help a lot.

The previous design was not final and honestly would have been better in the long run. All they had to do was tweak the numbers to make it do more and it would have been fine.

Soul fist is in a very difficult balance spot. Our high scaling and ready attack pose major issues in balance and honestly our dependance on those things also make us unattractive for content like hell mode or other equalized. This has been addressed with allowing us to get tripods and gems for that content, but the fact remains it still hurts us long term.

This is also why when new gear that pushed more stats come out SF gets nerfed.

Pros of prior changes would have included increasing significantly the damage of our down time, shifting damage away from ult to other skills, giving a bit more unique utility to sf that would have been powerful in pvp, making us stronger in pve synced content, eliminating the dependence on ready attack for spirit bomb which would allow us to have better windows to use it.

So why was the prior changes made? Most likely to prepare us for the 4th tripod and 3rd awakening systems. But KR ultimately rejected it, not really for the damage nerf but primarily because it took away what made soul fist unique; the ready attack mechanic and the buff stacking adds difficulty and complexity that many users in kr like. Sadly this means sf still struggles as a high investment class which also means new players avoid her. The prior changes also would not have solved other issues sf faces like lack of crit sources for a crit dependant class, identity issues and scaling, and energy being a dead resource that is 100% made useless by class engravings.

So big picture the prior changes could have worked well with the vision of 3rd awakening/4th tripod. But at the sacrifice of playstyle it was scraped due to outrage. Now we get a bandaid and they go back to the drawing board.

the class is actually probably the strongest out of the fighter classes right now on the KR server after the class changes - they constantly mvp and have insane damage percentages - the class underperforms here because the relic set is a big part of unlocking the classes true potential, we are only in the tutorial of the game currently and every class will feel completely different once we have the ability to complete our relic sets after them releasing the second legion raid probably around end of July / start of August.

well atleast they don’t seem to give up on soulfist like they gave up on deadeye enahcned weapon… u can still have some copium xD
on the other hand i’m glad i’m glad they killed all the copium for the deadeye ew xD. makes it easier to make up ur mind lol

Yes yes and yes. The smilegate team has a plan we just gotta trust them and ride the wave.

I wonder why they reverted the energy overflow buff which was supposed to be buffed to 18% at x3

Did they get scared that it would make it must pick?