What was your most unlucky string of hones

Just curious what everyones worst string of hones was.

Heres mine over the last two days.

T2 Alt

lvl 12-13 - Every piece of gear took a 2 tap from 12-13 at 80%
lvl 13-14 - 3/3 pieces so far have failed the first tap at 70%

T1 Alt

lvl 12-13 - 2/6 pieces took 3 taps at 80%
lvl 13-14 - so far one piece failed on first tap.

This is the only honing I have done so far this week. curious if anyone has some horror stories they want to share, maybe on the flip side some of the best luck you have had too.

I am eagerly awaiting this honing buff bc I am pretty tired of failing on the tail end of both T1 and T2 on several alts just wasting time before I can reach the content that actually has people in it.