What we need is transparency and coummunication AGS-SG

During the last 2 months at least the communication went down hell even worse
the answers to some questions is very lacking of any info and some questions getting ignored
and most CM dont even answer and after players flaming and hating on some topics the cm even ignore us more .

what we need is road map for none content important game changing stuff
like - tripods - big balance patches - market update - all community ql updates < basically any life changing update for the game that already exist in KR and other regions >

and as community we need answers for

1- bots and what the plan for them

2- what is the plan to fix the huge inflation in the game

3- when you will start getting new players

4- more clear details on server merges

5-the plan was catching to other regions but the plan has went to hell and we going much slower on class releases etc < raids a side >

6-your plan to fix communication with players because the state of useless answers shouldn’t even exist who ever responsible needs to fix it

7- we need a better patch notes timing as EU servers on patch notes at least most of the time it get released when eu is already sleeping please show some care on timing
8-pc performance issues
there is many more people can add to the list
but as community AGS treating her players like crap
transparency is very important if you want to move forward with the game
the game is already bleeding good players and the state of the economy is very very bad for the average lost ark player

IF AGS / SG gave up on fixing the mess they have done to the state of the game let us know so we dont invest anymore time or money into a game that dont care about it is own players
all the above is legit questions we need answers for and asked for it

There is no plan, they barely have staff. If you search the forums, these are the same exact problems people highlighted since march, and its been 6 months now and no improvement but actually getting worse.

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i know man that is why im said them again and again
we talked a lot and asking for the minimum and we still getting ignored … that is unacceptable .

@Shadow_Fox @Roxx i hope i really hope this questions and issues gets addressed any time soon

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