What Will Compensation Be This Time?

I think you need to give us players some blue crystals for these repeated inconveniences.

I’ve never seen an MMO be so unaccesable week in week out for such long periods.

From the unexpected maintenances to these 2 hour queues…

I really think you need to give us items/materials that will help make up for lost time.

This is the WEEKEND as well.

I say this as I’m finally down to 5000 people in my queue. Yay. Can’t wait to play in another 2 hours.


EUC was unplayable for 3 weeks, not just with 10-18k ques that took 8-12 hours to get thru but also matchmaking severs being so overloaded it was impossible to do even solo content such a tower due to the lag. Not even counting in the fact the risk of even queing content such as abyss dungeons as there was a 50/50 chance the game would kick you from the dungeon randomly and take your run away

we got NOTHING

why now? :slight_smile:


What you mean? NA got Compensations for EU unplayable state, they could do
4 chaos Daily Due to timer bug.

Oh yeah i forgot, as long as NA is happy thats all that matters


Ofc… They dont even know where small “coutry” like EU is located on map. WHy should they care :slight_smile:
They cry about 7-11k que, when EU had 29k+ for MONTH… and that was not bots que.
When NA will stop buy RMT gold, Que will be gone, here i solved it for you guys.


Kind of blows my mind that amazon couldn’t think that if they can give us the best experience (no long queue, and server stability), the player base will be less toxic and won’t mind buying crystals with their money. All these server capacity reductions and long queues will stop people from wasting their money to “support” the publisher or the developer.

The ONLY compensation I want to see is the SATIFACTION of knowing anyone who RMT’s ANY amount will be PERMA banned NO excuses!!!

ANYTHING less than that will be a slap in the face.

But but almost all those 1480+ players man! Game would dieee. waaaaa waaa … damn my adhd trigered.

also why is the compensation always aura of resonance pots?
As if anyone wants to run 4 chaos dungeons a day -_-
rather just sent some leap stones, destro and guardian stones instead <.<

point is you are losing also a lot of time doing your weekly stuff like abyss dungeons etc. losing out on 200 stones doesn’t even make any difference.

would even prefer if they just add 2 rested bars or something. Instead they make you run more of that sleepy content

What is the point of compensation when the game is getting more unplayable every week. Might as well not giving anything but actually fixing the game to give the best gaming experiences

How does 10k blue crystals sound is that enough?

Not really