What will happen with limited skins that have for Specialist?

Quick post before going to sleep. I was editing my comment on another post showing the skins we will get in the next update when i noticed that the next Ark Pass skin have a version for Specialist and is very likely we won’t be able to save for her in the same way that player weren’t able to save Neon Skin Weapon Chest for Machinist, but they could save the skins because is for the same model of the base class (male gunner), but we don’t even have Artist to be able to pull such thing for Aeromancer.

So, will we ever have a chance to get weapons skins for classes that wasn’t release yet when the said skins was released here and for Specialist Skins? Because Ark Pass is likely one time and is over with no chance of coming back permanent like some skins in KR.

Fortunate for me i didn’t liked much of this skin for artist, but for lack of skin in general is better than nothing i guess, but for such things to be allowed to happens is a bad thing in my perspective, but who am i so change how AGS/SG work, we could have got Artist this month if it was 1 month cadence.

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You can’t get them. Period.

Harsh, but historically tracks. They won’t go back and add classes to selection boxes even if the skins exist for those classes, they’re not going to re-release skins for classes that weren’t available when the skins were released.

That’s just how they’re running the game.

You sure you can’t ?

100% sure about the fact weapon adapt to class that arent in game (can use mine for scouter right now)
When you buy the chest, it’s not per archetype right ? It’s becoming archetype bound after this.
If so, you can buy one, keep it till artist, and you’ll be able to use it on ayaya.

You’re using Neon weapon skin on Machinist?

Not sure how many skins they have left that didn’t include specialist during KR launch, but I can only assume they will release the specialist only version on skin packs that have already been released on West alongside packs which don’t have specialist skins. Granted older chests won’t work.

A friend told me that he saw arcanist, and scouter with the weapon of the previous ark pass in reddit. So maybe for ark pass the rule is different and we can save things?

They’ll add it in another way. I’d be worrying about the legendary skins still if I were you. Been like 6 months with 0 news about them.

Funny part about the “omg not predatory gambling in my game!” is that OW2 got rid of lootboxes, and now everyone is complaining that it’s impossible to get skins or that they’re expensive. So much for protecting children.

The first Ark Pass skin was apparently usable for all classes at least which were available in the Korean version when it first came.

I had held on to the weapon box until last week. It had a Destroyer hammer, an Arcanist card deck thingy, and a Machinist gun option. I previewed the box for the different classes. It probably had Summoner rod also.

For whatever reason someone is fiddling with the code of certain item boxes to either allow it for unreleased classes, or explicitly deny it.

i’m 100% sure that roxx said that you couldn’t use on future classes, but not sure if they changed it.

The weapons skins have in their discription wich class they can be opened at, as far i remember they don’t put the unreleased class and they supposely don’t update after it, but if you are seeing machinist with neon skin so that create some hope.

I also want to know about this, i hope roxx can talk with the team so they make it available for artist because artist barely has any outfits and wont have for a long time (here you can just open it on a different subclass and use the armor on whatever subclass you want but artist has almost nothing except the release outfit and i doubt will have for a long time (with one outfit every2 months)

Ask for a screenshot next time. It’s Reddit for crying out loud. =P

I am a lover of all things regarding skin but they have to be in good taste for me to purchase. I don’t buy the skanky outfits (cough Deathblade cough) unless they’re like . . . suuuuper skanky then yeah, I’ll get it but so far they haven’t released anything bad in NA. Yet. Here’s hoping they will, right?

I don’t see Machinist

If you’re talking about the armor, that’s true because they apply to the base from of Gunner.

But if we’re talking about an Ark Pass skin that becomes tied to the class on purchase, you can’t change that if you can’t purchase it.

There were Ark Pass skins that stay in box and can be put in roster storage. If what others said here in true then that’s interesting. I will try preview the box on my destroyer and scouter when I get home.


I think i remember Saintone saying that SG listened to the KR player complain on being character bound so the new Ark Pass skin after the first one should be roster bound.

What you link is Neon weapon selection chest…


Thanks for the minigame. It’s fun trying to guess the class. Some I know what they are immediately, some I’m at a loss.

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Not gonna lie, even we are lost with some name…

“Essentialiste” “Elementiste” while it’s Striker & Wardancer…

Wasn’t the first Ark Pass skin to be bound to the character? or only when it open? or only the version for BC was bound to the character?

I think it wasn’t supposed to be updated accordingly to some CM answer in the forum. well if they update that is nice.

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