What will this Update do with the “Bot Situation”?

Pls tell me. Or did AGS do the next Event to push bots to T3 so we don’t see masses of them in T1 anymore?

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Nothing. BCs they cant do anything rly helpful. They are lost. Its very obvious.

Somebody from IT security made super infromational post about this.
Its basicly all of their security is client side, which is useless. They need to switch to server side security, which they havent and prolly wont - bcs only west has this huge bot problem. If fix will come - it will be way way later, bcs it prolly takes so much effort and time to do this.

And again AGS did not do anything, except relay information to Smilegate - they make the changes to the game, not AGS. AGS just does this forum, prolly did translation and they keep telling Smilegate what to change, also they obv provide the server infrastructure.

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