What would be cool is…

If there was something to do with your main after the weekly gated stuff, it be nice to do raids and dungeons as many times as you like to help friends out or learn mechanics but get min rewards like chaos dungeons. I think a lot of players are scared of the mechanics and just don’t do it, once a week makes it tough for some to learn. Just my two cents.

True the game should have a practice mode for each phase of the fight AFTER you tried it once. So you can practice wipe mechanics without spending real potions or items or durability.

That would break economy and people would sell runs 24/7…game has a GREAT design for people with lifes, try playing other games or doing anything

No … busses will be out of control . What would be really cool and “harmless” would be to have a practice mode in trixion for raids and dungeon mechanics (pizzas and similar things)

Buses wouldnt exist if they had a MAX ilvl requirement so you cant have 1500s doing 1370 raids etc. Maybe a 50 ilvl difference max.

I’d take the rampant bussing in an instant if it means actually being able to play the game with my friends. People have some seriously weird priorities sometimes.

That’s a good idea, add some mechanics to the training guy. They already have stagger and such, can practice the pizza or balls, rotating mechanics that sort of thing prob be helpful for some.