What Would You Do

I have the option of running Hit master 2 instead of 3 but having Crisis Evasion 1.

So instead of 4x3x1 I would be running 3x3x2x1x1

Would you drop 8% damage for crisis evasion to learn Vykas or take the 8% damage instead.

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which class are you? I wouldn’t drop damage if you are to pug it, it is hard to estimate the damage. If you think you have enough damage it should be fine but others might not take you because of it.

I vote damage. You’re likely go for damage in the future anyway.
Many people will be doing mistakes and dying for a couple few days you just got to blend in. :melting_face:

Would just go damage, the deaths will probably be full wipes from mechanics

Gunslinger. The other option is i drop grudge for cursed doll so i don’t get 1 shot. but from the 8% gain i would lose 4%. So the gain would be 4% only.

crisis evasion doesn’t save you from party wipes and at level 1 you’re only safe every 15min.

Why Crisis Evasion? No…

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Was just a thought while learning the fight

btw there is a crisis evasion that you can activate yourself. It’s called Time Stop potion. Learn to use those.

Can’t time stop while you are in the middle of being combod.

What oneshot with grudge you talking about? If something oneshoot you you die with grudge, withnout grudge and also with heavy armor …Cursed doll is more dangerous than grudge

Cursed doll is much safer than grudge.

What class do you play?

nope it isnt


I would run 4x3x1 with crisis evasion as the one, maaaybe.
The problem with crisis evasion is it doesn’t reset between pulls, so realistically if you’re wiping a lot, it’s much much less useful. The CD on it is so long that you basically are never going to be paying much attention to it. It’s just not reliable, pull to pull.

Don’t have the option of that the 1 is peacemaker which I can’t remove. its either hitmaster 4x3x1 with peacemaker or 3x3x2x1x1 with 2 being hitmaster and the extra 1 being crisis evasion.

I wouldn’t do it then.

Crisis evasion just isn’t good enough, if it reset on pulls or had a lower CD then I’d say it might be worth having a piece you swap in and out for the initial learning of a fight but it doesn’t. I’d rather have the dps to push mechanics or the fight, a little faster.

So you choose 8% damage got it.

Not sure if damage is going to be an issue but we’ll see.

this is what im going on my GS for vykas hard. Also overgearing a bit(1475atm), i heard that people running grudge should try to aim for +19 all armor pieces for an easier time at vykas, but not a lot of time left until release now so might be difficult to get.

You can always grab 1 piece of Heavy Armor/DPS Engraving accessory + book for your learning set up if you feel the need. Most class is okay with just decked out Defense Card Set.
You should have 9 awakening of Forest of Giants by now.

might be hard to find a group like that unless you have a static. Players are very picky even when you are not being gated by lack of dps. If you are with a static i think its fine because as far as i know any group of competent players shouldnt face dps issues at ilvl for vykass.