Whats Amazon's excuse for not giving Destroyer a power pass while Glaiver had it + 2 events?

How bad could it be to follow every other region and new class release and give us a power pass for Destroyer? This is a legit question, I can’t of a single good reason to not give (or even sell) players another power pass.

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There’s a Dev tracker for a reason.

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I couldn’t find the reasoning behind this decision tho, as to WHY they decided to shaft Destroyer. Roxx said not every class will have power passes and that they didn’t communicate sooner because they didn’t know, but none of those explain why there won’t be a power pass.

You clearly didn’t look very far. The post is from 3 days ago.

too many free passes borders with gluttony!

You can link posts, why didn’t you?

That’s because he has nothing to link haha


I thought the power pass was a feiton power pass i didn’t know it was “the glaivier power pass”

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It absolutely is there, it took me less than 10 seconds to find it. It’s not up to other forum users to spoon feed you information you can very easily find yourself, especially after they’ve pointed you to the correct location to find it


You claim it’s there but fail to prove it, congratz

Because “ClAsSeS aRe CoMiNg OuT fAsTeR”

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I always find people weird that have the mindset that others owe them their time and effort just because they demand it. Like they somehow think they’re worthy of having others chase after them.

You know where the information is and how to find it. I’m sure if you have the capacity to troll in comments, you can find the very easily accessible information you’re after. I believe in you internet stranger!

You’re claiming the information is there, but it isn’t, what are we supposed to do? Make something up for ya?

That’s actually a reason to give/sell MORE power passes tho

How did you know Destroyer is coming out this month?

Nah not when there are already multiple existing threads on this exact topic. I know commenting on someone else’s thread doesn’t give the same sense of validation as getting replies to your own but the information was already out there so the burden is on you to read what has already been said

Yup, sure is. AGS isnt too smart

That both events are available far past the destroyer release.

The best hint that Destroyer wouldn’t necessarily get another PP is that the Feiton PP doesn’t expire until June (or was it July?).

Regarding the Korean pace, they get a PP with each new (sub)class release, but that happens about once every six months. A reasonable compromise is not necessarily have a PP with each (sub)class but to still release them more often than once every six months (so perhaps instead once every two or three months). It is also not very common that players will need to boost both subclasses in a two-release window (although two in a three month window is pretty plausible), and if you can’t boost both, you can tap into the abundance of inexpensive honing materials to get the second character up much more quickly than you could back in February.

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