What's going on with servers? DDOS?

The servers currently loading so slowly, black screen and loading for a minute on every teleport or character select or login…

You should give your server name . it seems all issue are from evergrace.

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yes evergrace , sry this was fast I forgot to mention it :smiley: and I tho its on all servers

Can confirm - Evergrace is on fire :((

:confused: Shame it’s the weekend. Good luck!

Same thing as every weekend, bots. They’ve learned that no one works from the team after 5pm on Friday, so they run rampant all weekend.

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lazenith seems fine , no issue here, i got a dc some time ago and the server screen took like 5 mins to load,i was just sitting there with the background going but no select menu, was a bit weird

Now is the time to get a Wei card on evergrace, you know…like the one per year the server gets as opposed to others that get 10 a month?

So nobody can log in to get it ahh hahahahahha

it is good now it was temporary for hour. This topic can close now and not reply any more :slight_smile:

Bots running rampant all over.

AGS definitely needs to hire a full team for weekend coverage. Operating a game for tens of thousands of players like this with a skeleton crew is just unacceptable - Especially when the servers are facing massive instability issues. At this point it honestly feels like they are letting it burn on purpose. They have got to be hemorrhaging customers by now. I would love to see what their analytics have to say.

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I’ll be honest I’m waiting to see what Wednesday brings. If no changes then they’re about to lose another.

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Their analytics say 300-400k concurrent players…

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