Whats going on with servers?

stange :
first got a bit laggy and dc 2 times, my internet was fine to listen to music re check if I lost connection but no
second, after lunching game cant go to welcome with ‘‘accept therm of use’’ move not north America like I got a new account
third cannot access the Europe section
forth: restarted steam, was able to switch to Europe servers , login and dc again with error … when I typed here

fift : doing steam file chack , but im pretty sure its not me side that have issues

Hey there @Zzeerro!

I’m sorry to know you’re having issues with the game.

You mentioned your network has been working fine, still I’d like you to do some troubleshooting.

You can find the troubleshooting here: Troubleshooting Lag and Connectivity Issues - Support | Amazon Games.

In addition to all of this, you can also flush the DNS cache, here’s the steps:

  1. Select the “Start” button, then type “cmd“.
  2. Right-click “Command Prompt“, then choose “Run as Administrator“.
  3. Type ipconfig /flushdns then press “Enter“.
  4. (optional) Restart the computer

If the problem persists, contact us via support ticket so your case can be further reviewed.

I hope this helps you solve the issue, let me know if I can help with anything else. Have a nice week! :wink:

hello , thank you for quick answer

i followed the steps , waiting few hours as a friend sugested , but nothing changed

when i start the game im set to north america cluster , when i click on europe it say it cannot be rech , then i restart the game for the second time , and again i’m set to north america but i can switch to europe if i restart the game so i do it and after i start the game there two scenarios

‘‘A’’ im in europe servers and there is nothing there just circle in right bottom corner ‘‘please wait’’ then crash
‘‘B’’ im in europe cluster , i enter me server and in few minutes im getting crash again

Scenario A error when i cant switch servers to eurpe

Hey there, sorry to know the problem persists.

In case you haven’t done the file verification, please do so.

An also, let’s try and repair the EAC just to discard any issues with it:

  1. Open Lost Ark in your Steam library.
  2. Go to Settings > Manage > Browse Local Files.
  3. Open the AntiCheat folder.
  4. Run the EasyAntiCheat_Setup executable file.
  5. Press Repair.

Here’s another step that seemed to work for other folks around the forums:

Open Windows Search and type cmd and run the command prompt as administrator.

There in, type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter.
Type ipconfig /registerdns - press enter.
Type ipconfig /release - press enter.
Type ipconfig/ renew - press enter.

If by any chance you still have issues, use the link from my previous comment to contact us via support ticket.

got same error EUROPE region is closed and can’t be reached

got 1600h in game and first have any issues with it like that , no idea what trigeret it

maybe this is the issue ? but still not getting any closer to solutions

I got the same problem! Now I can’t even login
It even kicked me out from my region Lmao


Can you join? I’m normaly in EUC but can’t join still <.<

how long u got issue like that ? same EUC getting kick to north america

I’m currently stuck in Africa, since about 40min struggling like this

I have the same issue :confused: before work i play normal but now i can’t log in :confused: can’t even change serwer for europe :confused:

we got the same prob bro…

same here were playing normaly doing dailys and got kick middle of chaos dung and looking for solution for around 5-6h … never had this issue b4

after few restart you may be able to change to euc but you get back to start soon after

they might do smth behind the scene

so now we need to wait a have hope they will fix it ;]

maybe on patchday lol

well i think i tryed everything , thats in the book xd

check files , ipconfig , restarts , removing local files - suspected a corrupted file , checking me internet over and over