Whats going on with the western version

I believe we all feel it, but i dont see any answers. Theres alot of issues that only really came about in our version of the game. Which is similar to the KR patch from jan 2022.

Item level restrictions are higher? so the western release of lost ark has item level restrictions that didnt exist in KRs release of argos. Night fox yoho guardian raid was 1355. Hard mode for oreha abyss dungeons were accessible for 1325 characters from videos ive watched. Why is it that theres higher barrier to entry in our version?

Also, To top it all off they also had other resources for hone mats. Such as guradian challange mode, abyssal trials etc. Not only that but our t3 gear is restricted to the point where it cant be traded. Argos gear was able to be traded and desmantaled for mats to make the gear and when you dismantled those mats they gave leapstones. In an economy where leapstones are limited and gold resources are limited extra leapstones would go a long way. Not only that but the gold income has been nerfed to the ground aswell. We recive probably 50% or less of what the abyssal dungeons used to give in gold.

Why is it that we are receiving a fraction of the potintal mats, gold, resources, and have higher barrier to entry. We have less ways to get through this “deadzone”, we have no roadmaps, or information as to why our version of the game has been gutted.

Also some extra spice for ya, the skins everyone wants to be in the game are already there. Some youtuber unpacked the game in unreal engine and showed that the skins AGS said “take time to put into the game” are already there. Skins we’ve never seen, are already in our version of the game. Everything AGS has said to this point just seems like a lie.

So whats really going on here, I for one would love some Transparency as to why our game is so gutted, limited, and bare. The way the game is as of current is a joke.


It is unexplainable and we’ll never know the real reasons. It’s just a waiting game. There is nothing we can do about it. Even Rox said that the forums have less that 1&% of the game’s population talking. So what they will base their decisions on is some numbers. Not the forums, Reddit etc.


Its just a disservice, especially since the people absorbing this content actually care and want to support the game and see it flourish.

Especially since current issues were so blantent to see comming.

  • Gold issues, ah was main resource at whales expense. ah crashes, all of a sudden we have
    a gold problem… Surprise
  • people yelling from the roof top, lack of hone mats, need more resources like other regions have. Gave us limited timed event that gives marginal resources in which some rewards are timegated
  • we want skins. They cant do that apparently, even though files are already ingame.

The problems were so obviously avoidable, but yet theres no solutions after 2 months. Its just disappointing really.


Hard mode was likely moved to 1370 and given NEW gear drops to help bridge the gap when collecting gear at 1370, because in the KR version you have to farm Argos for 6+ weeks to gear up.

Now you can farm hard mode and Argos to get an early set of gear, then concentrate on the set you want after for bonus, whilst having that higher ilevel.

This was likely a smilegate decision tbh


as the song goes

“Money, money, money, money. Money.”


Gear was tradeable, you could buy any argos set piece off the ah. If it wasnt for your class all you have to do is dismantle it get the mays and go to the crafting station. Our version dosnt allow you to trade any t3 gear at all.

You could do this in KR aswell tho… im confused what you’re trying to argue. They literally moved the ilvl up so you couldnt get the mats from yoho. People in kr would get gold from selling mats from sitting at 1355 and running yoho. Plus all the other avanues they removed from our version. Tbh i think in all actuality they were trying to avoid whales abusing the systems but whales are gonna find a way around it anyway with real money. It just punishes the f2p players in the end. So now theres an even bigger “deadzone” thats harder to progress through.

We literally got the hard mode of honeing in our version. Its bare and gutted.


As long as average players or whales are willing to spend money to satiate their self deluded FOMO addictions. They won’t be quick to change much. That’s reality. There is a company behind this game, and companies need to make a profit in order to survive. That’s the cold hard truth.


No… no it doesnt.

The only people spending money are the incredibly small minority of people willing to slap down money in the 4 digit range.

That’s not a palatable proposition and its even unpalatable for whales due to how little you get for what you put in.

None of the skins on sale are popular so thats not driving revenue either. All you have are Founders pack sales which is pretty much where all the revenue this version has accrued.

Those don’t even dent the long term run costs of a f2p mmo.

And with a increasingly dwindling population, youre in dire straits


to my understanding you can gear up hm oreha at 1325 in the other servers and therefore gear for argos already, this also created an economy between players at higher ilevels looking to carry raid groups.
not to mention argos gear is tradeable
also argos isnt synced in other servers either meaning carries are more viable


The only problem with your theory is that if you have bad game, people quit. In our market people dont like p2w games, and thats why alot of people left/are leaving. Eventually youll have just whales and without the f2p people whales will eventually leave aswell. So maybe im sippin on hopeium but i dont think thats the intent of their operations.

The purpose of the post was to mostly highlight information of problems that are occuring within our game. Also to ask questions as to why, but since theres no communication. All we have to work with is greedy AGS theorys.



“Never know the real reasons”? It is too obvious: money and greed.



They made ppl spend money, Not releasing the events and mats sourcers before argos was one their strategy to milk some money, and i think it will keep happening, sadly AGS is killing the game

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Well i cant argue with you.

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If AGS messes this up just like they did with New World (rip my 40€ + 20€ for a skin, in LA I’m f2p cause I was skeptical) then I will never ever buy and or install a game that has any involvement from AGS. And I hope the majority will learn from this aswell and not fall for the same shit again.
To me it seems like they are only interested in quick money, not long-term.


I mean they also are just kinda not great at releasing video games

Lord of the RIngs MMO

But at least they are consistent I’ll give them that.

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This is exactly what is going on with our version. He breaks down exactly why we are in the situation we are in with NA version, and what the game IS / WAS like before it came here and how that impacts us.

He also opens up the NA client files and extracts all the skins showing that AGS / Smilegate is telling us lies about the skins and that they need to work on them to release them, they are literally in the game client already.


Very convenient for AGS to base all these money hungry decisions of off people that cant voice their preferences and probably dont even know forums exist.

They should base their decisions on the outrage of the forum calling out their bullshit and the 1 million players that quitted already.

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Yeah that video was eye opening.