Whats gonna happen to EU?

im not a EU player but ive heard a ton of talk about the European government cracking down on gacha/loot boxes in online games. was curious on how this will affect lost ark if at all? right now in our current version there isnt really a loot box system until legendary skins are added. but im curious if lost ark will take measures to meet the demands or exclude EU from the game


They will not exclude EU. They will exclude the countries that will have regulation though. They cant do anything about that and I dont think they will tailor the game for these countries even if it is most of EU countries. If US were to join they might, though

They wont

the thing is the article said EU wants to regulate the gacha system not remove so im wondering if lost ark will meet certain demands that doesnt ruin the game but make it more fair

obviously this only applys to paid gacha like you see in mobile games. since lost ark doesnt have any direct payed gacha i dont know if it will be an issue.

I wouldnt know this. They will make a cost/benefit analysis and decide. It depends on the regulation I guess

yea, yea, “EU” also wants ITER and DEMO and banish all gasoline cars, all coal powerplants…

Luckily for us living here it also needs to be agreed on by way too many subjects so the final consensus is rarely reached.

So even if it happens it will take some time and few more years before countries actually put it in their laws (there is nothing like “european government”).