What's more frustrating than players who dont use battle items?

Those who don’t have/use counter skills. Stop mashing every button just because you can.
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No. Use counter skill

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Heaven’s sake Bryan, put the gun down, fine i will

okay now we can smash

Too far bryan, I almost liked this interaction.

No. come back. I brought battle items

I’m listening… which ones?



the ones that resurrect at base


I feel like I forgot to add “only wrong answers” lmao

You want to know what’s more frustrating? When a 1423 brainless zerker failed challenge abyss dungeon mech, and dont talk even once. People ask him hey talk, if you dont know mech, just say it. He keeps silent and keeps doing the same mistake like any other brainless zerker than only knows how to spam attacks. OR players that keep dying over and over again in guardian raids.

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But im a bard and I had to run around chasing headless chicken dps to shield them cause one guy wanted to pretend he was dpsing from Narnia and the other guy wanted to play duck duck goose

I will use items for you 3 el cheapos in my party in MM Deskaluda, but ffs stop taking revives as pots :frowning:

Group/Raid of all back-attackers. It’s so annoying, that the boss almost always faces us.

And then you roll destroyer and FACE IS THE PLACE!

what if my counter skill is a self synergy skill? Gives me crit rate and attack speed

Striker has counter as part of their rotation.

Holy shit. Yes. Heckin use pots

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A bard that keeps healing us at near 100% hp in deskaluda xD