What's more frustrating than players who dont use battle items?

Bad players.

people need pots on deskaluda? wtf?

More worse then people who don’t use battle items are players who cry because of 30-60sec longer runs.

18 hours of maintenance on legion release patch day is.


Sometimes got called out with my mayhem zerk when i stand in the back of the boss using chain sword for my crit rate and not for the counter.
The person who called me out was a gunlancer. Yeahh…

People that cry about people not using battle items in matchmaking.

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That battle items don’t reside in a special inventory tab, fully roster bound (if bound).

Did you get suspended?

no why?

PPL who counter

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Well, sadly my counter is the skill that buffs the party for 6% atk power… I have to spam it.

Where’s your regular tag?


probably because i became inactive a lot more recently and got demoted. There is requirement of activity from i read.

Yeah i just read it. You get demoted if your last activity of 100 days didnt meet the requirement.

besides the two points you mentioned, 3rd one would be noobies joining exp fast run parties in legion raids for free carry. And then cry toxic when they get kicked.

Found the guy not using a counter. Who hurt you? Lmao

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