Whats stopping you (AGS) from

Releasing the witcher event with an Announcement that you can keep the box for the next class release in April, like you did with Arkpass boxes for Summoner?

This way people can buy the weapon and you can sell them while people WHO PLAYED AT THE TIME can still be able to use it as this skin will never ever return again.

What is stopping you? @Roxx


They literally can make it possible, making the box unable to be used on Artist is a change AGS asked for which is stupid since the box on Kr can be used on artist.

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this post will fall on deaf ears again as most posts do. Its a simple fix, has been done before and makes everyone happy.
Even aeromancer who wouldnt be able to get their weapon would have been treated like every class previously (Avatar available, weapon isnt).

I wonder if roxx ever replys to this post what their reason is (not like she is going to say it lol). They can literally do it like summoner with no harm done, even on the contrary they would earn them a lot of brown points.


I mean they don’t have to “fix” anything, they will just have to release the box as it is on Kr without changing it, it’s that easy :c


thats true but its more about them announcing it so people who played at the time can use the skin on artist and those who didnt can’t. This way there is no “selling later” needed which is what they claim is holding them back.

Simply by announcing “hey if you want this on artist, you have to buy it now, wont return later”. EASIEST fix ever.
That they dont do this with other skins which could return is understandable to some degree but here? Not fking at all.

I agree with you 100%, i still have hope that the box will be usable on artist, but since they don’t play the game they don’t really know what we are asking for or how those boxes work :'c

Id keep 1 set just in case it works with the artist.

Someone posted this before which should make it obvious AGS can easily make it available if they want to.


All they need todo is communicate that this is possible for the ALREADY ANNOUNCED ARTIST CLASS and everyone who wants it can keep it and please dont give me this
(pardon my french) bullshit of “We never do this” yeah but all skins can be brought back, this one is gone forever.

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nothing is stopping them from doing so specialist can open the box when they are released and get the outfit for them, they just simply dont want specialist to have the witcher event outfit.

Any excuse about it being limited event and they not being allowed to is just pure bs
Its such a shame that specialist will miss out on a limit event outfit that they originally were part of.

i just wish for AGS to try in those regards and not go the lazy way. SG will most likely never make a cooperation with cdpr ever again so these skins are forever gone. I hope @Roxx and the team can think about it again and not just tell us the same “not possible”.

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I honestly never thought the colaboration of my two most liked games would leave such a bitter after taste.


Queue the entry of the gladiators, if the change is actually a thing that only our version gets it’s going to be sad

It’s clear AGS has some issues with this class and they’ll avoid it as much as possible lol.
they took months before even somewhat acknowledging her existence with the “we’ll release older classes first”, delaying her release as much as possible, despite the fact that it was probably the most requested class.
And with all the shit they’ve done and went against the community, i’m sure they won’t listen to this either.

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yes its more than obvious unfortunately.

highly doubt it as well. But it won’t be for the lack of me trying.

Whats also funny is that they consider this content worthy to be mentioned on the roadmap.

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Nothing is stopping them. The collab in KR has artist and all they have to do is take those same lines of code and implement it here. AGS has gone OUT OF THEIR WAY to make it so we don’t get it. Probably some business intelligence bullshit saying it makes them more money or something.

man im going to bed now and hope we get something but at this point i expect nothing anymore tbh.

Their whole tactic is “ignore till it goes away”, even Gameforge did a better job at adding gamefeature the west asked for in Swords of Legends online.

They already said that the skins from The Witcher and any skill we already have/had is not going to be available for Artist/Aeromancer, because it works in the same way as weapon skins, its not retroactive. Sure they can do it but they won’t do it.

By the way, “class” is not the same as “advanced class” you guys need to know the difference. Class is Sharpshooter, Deadeye… And Advanced class are Mage, warrior, etc. What I mean is, that all the classes that were release during this year was classes that are included in an existing advanced class, which means that summer skin for sorc is literally the same for Summoner and that’s why skins worked till now, but weapon skins wasn’t available.

@Roxx can you explain why it’s not possible to do this for the witcher skin? Clearly majority of people would love to get the witcher skin for artist…

we know they said that it wont happen but for me its not enough to just say “oh we never do that” while Roxx stated several times that they think about an event where they bring back old skins WHICH WONT WORK with witcher skins due to copyright.

Due to this out of the norm situation (skins which cant be brought back) we ask for it that they presell it.

Comparing a skin from SG themselfs which can be brought back by the flick of a switch vs skins which can’t due to copyright law are comparing apples with pears.

Maybe we get some feedback today? HARDONCOPIUM