Whats the blue crystal exchange price for NA East and EUC right now?

NA West used to be the server with lowest crystal exchange which was 300g right before the 3 days gold withdrawing change and now currently tis at 1240-1250 and this is insane …

Just proves your server was the one with the highest number of fraud and cheaters.

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Thanks for pointing out the obvious

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1024 euc that was at 500 3 weeks ago sadge

~2 days ago before the weekend, was around I think 700g/95 on NA East. Haven’t had the time to get on and play for a few days though, so not sure what the current price is.

We got down to like 400g/95 when the big bot banwave happened.

I didn’t see 300 on naw and I cashed right before the event that started spiking it…unless you meant like 395?

It’s partly down to the players not swiping or if they are swiping they aren’t converting… basically they just buy summer skins and sell them on the AH for 5k extra gold.

Then the idiots basically buy them en masse and then come to the forums to complain about BC prices.

nah, it was at 300 for a short 30m before it goes back to 380-395

NA-East exchange rate is currently 805g/95 BC. Down from 900+ yesterday and rising again.

2k/95 in SA, stop crying, you are more players and you earn in USD, pay RC and lower BCs

yesterday was 1030 in EUC
i was predicting it would hit over 1k by the end of the month
i didn’t expect it to be this fast though

gold inflation be like
early on it was “cheap” because the relative income of players accounts was low
now that everyone is racking up 30-50k from weeklies it’s normal for it to go high

you have to keep it imo in perspective
it was much more unaffordable for me when i just hit t3 to buy crystals than it is for me now despite them costing “more”

No, what it proves is all the frauds and cheaters from other regions play more on NAW than other regions.

NAW has China, NZ, Aus, NAE refugees, EU, etc. all you have to do is see the languages, guilds full of non NAW ppl to see that.

So congrats for having so many cheaters and frauds in your own servers there was plenty left over to export as well.

it’s just keeps on rising… we need help
we’re already the most expensive us$ rate to RC ration in the universe
and now we’re doomed with higher gold to bc ration too

EUC current Exchange Price.

850 yesterday in EUW

I guess its also that people are mass buying blue crystals right now to buy relic gears for the level 4 tripods and to unlock extra slot for tripod inventory to prepare for the new tripod systems

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Was on 700g/95 then 400g/95 days before the 3 day withhold period and after the update it went to 700g and now is sitting at 800g.

cant believe that NA West out of the NA W/E EUC have the highest exchange rate rn, I was expecting the rate to be some where at this amount after clown release and not this early

Still pretty low compared to SA at a fluctuating 1.8k - 2k exchange rate.

Even during the days when NAW had 20k queues, we were still the region with the lowest priced blue crystal exchange rate compared to every other region. It’s kind of bizarre that the price has gone up so much in such a short time, and doesn’t really explain anything about RMT.