Wha'ts the deal with Phantom Astalgia - Dejavu?

So yeah…

I haven’t yet been able to play this rehearsal game mode simply because I can’t find 7 people to queue for it.

Not to mention last week when I cleared Valtan, Vykas and rehearsal clown they said I can’t even queue for that because my 3 legion raid entry count is exceeded.

I’m pretty sure that’s not how it should work. Don’t most people play all the raids weekly with no such entry count?

How am I supposed to farm both phantom marks and Mayhem marks? I should farm one of them until I clean the shop and then another or what? How was this imagined?

Give up on valtan or vykas, simple as that.

That’s out of question xD It’s just annoying.

That’s exactly how it works tho and everyone doing brel gives up clown or vykas


No. I do 6x vykas, clown, brel 1-6 weekly.

Alrightt then, I’ll do what everyone else does and just pretend it doesn’t exist.

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