What's the most optimal newbie roster setup now?

All the ranting aside, what would be the best route for newbies to setup their rosters going forward?

Before I would have suggested them to have atleast a main and a roster of either 5x 1370 or 1412 when their main reached 1460, what’s best now?

support main until you have things on farm. youll have a much better time finding a party


If you are a new player starting a roster now, I guess you should make 5 1460 paladins (so you can share gems) and then your main. You will still get less gold than before, but honning past that point is going to be too costly and it will take a serious long time before you start getting your gold back.


First character Support Main (Paladin / Bard / Artist), as far as you can push it. You don’t need a full roster to keep pushing, so don’t over tax yourself with a bunch of alts.

As you find you want to repeat the same content more and more each week, start bringing your alts up. You don’t need to min/max every week, if you are running Valtan for 1500 less go it isn’t the end of the world.

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Telling someone to make 5 palas is the same as telling them to quit…


support at least 3 of em, you can do pally, bard and even artist

then when you get all that gold you funnel it to your dps classes and they can be mains
That’s what I did

well, if you want a garunteed party then 5 pallys will do it, unless you can trickle it and trick out your dps classes too

You can farm all the gems and sell it, because you can just reuse the gems on your pally by passing it through the rooster inventory to the one you are playing.

So you never have to farm gems for each individual classes.

5 supports 1 dps roster. Most efficient , fast join on lobbies . Down side is you have to play 5 boring characters

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lol yea sounds bout right 5 sup+1 of the toon you actually want to play.

No, is telling them to play the class they want to play and get gold to make it better. You can buy legendary VPH for cheap and then making a 4x3 (Blessed Aura, Expert, Awakening, VPH) with good quality swiftness is going to be cheap and you just have to master 1 extra class besides the one you want to play.

I believe people had large roster for long time and forgot how is life for a starting player. I’ve personally tried to stay playing just 1 class for the first month, because it was the class that I actually want to play, then the gold requirements to improve my main hit me as a wrecking ball rigth on the forehead and end up making the full gold roster.

After this patch the most efficient parking spot is going to be a 1460 support that can enter at item level and the Paladin self include HA engravement, so you just need a 4x3 to get the job done properly.

just play at class what you really liked, then get argos gear to +20. thats it

i would say 2 supports 1 gunlancer 1 shadow hunter and then 2 dps you want to feel big numbers with
if you want to be an absolute min maxer and don’t care about fun
either 6 bards or 6 paladins or 6 artists

you can transfer gems
you use the same books

your only cost is reacquiring tripods (for paladin you need like 8 tripods i think if even that many)
and accessories
which you prioritize high quality and go for 4x3

this means you can gear all 6 of your supports for the cost of 1 fairly strong dps

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Full roster of supports and your main be a dps if want later, if you plan to go f2p

I would go in that order for your first roster

  1. American Express
  2. Barclays
  3. Wells Fargo
  4. Visa
  5. Mastercard
  6. Capital One

good luck


that is only your delusion


I’d say 1550 to get into lobbies comfortably.
most people’s “alts” are gonna be 1540 territory so there will be a lot of competition.
1490 if you enjoy party finder


Near from 4k hours, 10 characters. I have enjoyed the game a lot. Now, I don’t enjoy it anymore, I’m playing for dailys and weeklys compromise. Tired of repeating the same thing all the time. Main 1580, full level 10 gems. Since 2 weeks a go practically I only play main. I’m out of this illness farming. This weekend diablo beta, yess. And for june only Diablo IV.

Since diablo release I don’t know when I’ll be back to lost ark. Maybe never. Of course, surely playing less. If the game and the gatekeep don’t let me play less hours without paying money bye bye

Oke, send me your gold upon diablo release.