What's the obsession with "stealth mode dungeons"?

I mean, is there anything more boring than those ?
They’re the pinnacle of asinine content, extremely obnoxious when they make you restart everything from the beginning when you fail… I quickly avoided the first one I encountered on this island I don’t even remember the name… But it appears this type of shit content was not limited to one island but many ??

I’m not extremely completionist in that game so I don’t really care to be gated out of a few island souls as I can’t be bothered with doing painfully slow/boring content (i’m valuing my time way more than that), but I just can’t understand the devs’ obsession with that.

You (the devs, I know it’s not Amazon but icd :stuck_out_tongue: ) could at least have added some checkpoints so at least you don’t have to restart from the beginning of the dungeon, which usually starts with you walking extremely slowly from point A to point B before even starting the stealth phase.


you’re out here killing gods with your abilities, but oh no don’t let a guard come 10 ft of you or you die

they’re somehow worth 50 gods each


Adding checkpoints to these “stealth dungeons” is feedback I’ve reported to the team.

Metus island really did get the heart pumping though :sweat_smile:.


What no? It’s just 20-30min run a path … U literally can’t struggle until the half anymore

You have to remember the game was dying when content like this was released. The developers have a fetish for releasing really really terrible unfun content. Finally when their game was dying they decided they’ll make fun content and released the legion raids.

Even right before that they released BS like Argos and Velganos, completely out of touch with what can be considered fun.

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I was wondering if there’s a new kind of dungeon lol … you mean the disguise/stealth sheet…. Yea boring. Metus also borning in fact all islands and dungeons are boring after x times….

Yeah the possibility of failing is OK I guess - but wasting 20 seconds to be kicked out then wasting lots of time re-talking to people and re-doing the initial travel up to where you failed… This is where my patience stops !

I didn’t do Metus yet but I think I’ll avoid it haha, this morning I’ve just tried Sublime Island but got bored after 2 tries (the first wasted by the click-to-move making my char bug totally inside a cell so I was gangbanged in it, the second one by a dog behind a wall that I didn’t see).

Those kind of gameplay are … pretty niche and nothing should ever be gated behind it. I think there is another dungeon like that on another island, where the first step is to pick something in stealth, and I just don’t see myself doing that chore 20 times to get the Soul.

So yeah, having checkpoints for those would be a huge relief. At least you could work toward the goal and not waste 10-15 minutes just with a minor mistake.

They’re riding a rollercoaster. Valtan is fun but Vykas is utterly obnoxious and the opposite of fun to me.

With Sublime Island the biggest annoyance is when you start from the beginning you have all those cutscenes and your character’s required to go to all the pointless rooms first while slowed.

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