Whats the point in banning just accounts in f2p game?

There is none. Botter get ban, he creates new one and do that again.

Cripple accounts. Yes that may help, but might also affect honest players. Which is not good.

So why not start to BAN HARDWARE alongise with account. Waening ban for a week then for 6 months (for botter it will be like perma).

Botter got ban, he will not login with new bot, not with his clear account on same PC.

Gold sell spammer got ban? same as above.

Changing hardwere to the point where system let you log in would be more expensive than profits from botting.

You would think it is super easy to confirm the hardware identity of a PC.

MAC address spoofing is not that difficult lmao, and in fact could inaccurately ban legitimate players. Any deeper than that will require rootkits. That means privacy issues.

It is not that devs didn’t think about it. There is a reason why no dev goes this route. It is just something that will never be beneficial given the circumstances.

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Do you really think it will be less effective than no hardware ban and just some kind of crippling?

Hardwere ban for some is a bit of effort to change all IDs, for other will be end. At least its not like now effort less create new account and lets bot again.

Its not 100% bots and cheater solutions. To make ot work there is allso required good and fast bot detection.

spoofing that might imitate an address that exists.

what do you think what happens when the person who got hardware ban, wants to play lost ark ? He can’t
unfortunately it hits the innocent and not botter. if you have no idea say nothing on such topics

I promise you now, if a bot farm owner wants to get around a hardware ban - they can, and will. This is how they make money, and harware bans are not inpregnible.

This may however be more effective against accounts proven to have engaged in RMT. But the risk of a false positive remains.