What's the point of customizing my Shadowhunter if I don't get to see what I created?

Hi, I’ve been a Demonic Impulse Shadowhunter main since CAT on Western servers. I immediately fell in love with the class and the ability to transform into a demon. I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. I am a Heroic Founder that started the game on Feb 8, 2022. I took a several month break after moving from one state to another, but returned a couple months ago very excited to continue pushing my Shadowhunter further into “end game”.

Fast forward to last patch; I know I wasn’t the only Shadowhunter super excited about the new Demonic form. Now I’m just disappointed and from maining the class since Alpha to nearly the first year anniversary of the game’s release on Western servers, I am now considering swapping mains and leaving my SH where she currently is (1487) due to today’s announcement.

My take on this: Do I believe these decisions are racially motivated? Not in the slightest bit. Do I believe the decisions made have anything to do with PvP and visibility? Not even close. Do I believe this is a fair and accurate representation of the class? No I do not.

The biggest reason this new Demonic form is upsetting is simply because I chose to customize my Shadowhunter a certain way that I find appealing to look at. The class is meant to be played in Demonic form majority of the time in end game content, but instead of being able to look at my own customization, I have to look at the same exact model that every other Shadowhunter has to look at. That was already an issue, but now they’ve changed it to be a literal shadow and still have zero customization.

Please, for the sake of all Shadowhunters… just please give us one of two things.

A) The ability to customize our demonic form.
B) The ability to choose between our current version, the original version, or the current KR version.


The decision was made from concerns related to racially motivated. Apparently in beta, someone pointed out how a character customized to have a dark skin tone transformed into a demonic state that has a light skin tone that might imply some racial issues later on. Then there is the double standard of how character customized to have a light skin tone transformed into a demonic state that has a dark skin tone, too. Then they choose to mention the various skin tones in NA/EU so they prob choose gray/dark blue skin tone as a compromise, but the reason why its mostly dark is due to graphical settings + various light conditions in different pieces of content.

Atleast we dont have black scouter :stuck_out_tongue: I mean machinist