Whats the point of getting better gear?

Im just confused , they are doing this event to get ppl to a higher gear score, but why? Boss mechanics (like in road of lament) make the gear pretty much pointless. one misstep by anyone and its group wipe, and thats not even a high lvl dungeon…i mean if this is what i have to look forward to then …no thx , i dont need that frustration in my life

well you get more gear to do new content, new content drops higher lvl gear which is likely to 1 make ur char stronger and 2 make it feel better to play. Its not about overgearing the content ur doing its abotu getting to the next thing

I mean I get that part but in the later levels when you’re fighting these bosses that just have one shot and group wipe mechanics that pretty much negates your gear all together at that point. so all the work you did to get all that gear becomes worthless because the boss can just one shot you or wipe the group because somebody was in the wrong spot

The point of getting better gear is that you can one shot the boss before having to play mechanics, especially for all the ‘lower tier’ abyss dungeons

Even in 8man Gate of Paradise, one high item level player with burst is enough to “one shot” every boss (my igniter sorc can do that, technically 3 shot but spells hit at the same time)

So no, none of the gear is negated and none of your work is worthless

Also, instead of mindlessly attacking in dungeons, wait for opportunities. Counter the boss first and then you get a window to damage the boss without pushing it to the next phase, you just have to kill the boss during that time - which gets easier the better your gear is

Legion Raids are focused on team play that’s why boss can oneshot you. But there are mechanics where higher gearscore will help you survive more hits. Valtan on release was the prime example. If you were over minimum ilvl you were gonna survive a lot more than people that did it on minimum ilvl.

How about u move to rpg so u can solo it all

Enrage timers

Cause our monke brain feel good when big number go bigger

You need decent gear to join parties and not be a dead weight.

Any gear above minimun requirements for the raid is for getting mvps or doing busses