What's the point of playing a ranged class if melees outrange them?

So i’ve played (more than a few games) 4 ranged classes and 2 melee ones and my highest rating was achieved with a melee class.

What’s the point of playing a ranged class if every melee class has a bazillion dashes but on top of that they cast much faster, have more range and have more superarmor because “we’re melee”

Most of the melee abilities actually outrange actual ranged chars, e.g. soulfist/reaper/deathblade/shadowhunter whatever they each have an ability with higher range than ur average range for a ranged char like sorc or summoner or bard

Melees all have much faster cast on average than ranged

Melees are riddled with SA while most ranged classes literally have 1 superarmor with 1-2 paralysis armor at best.

Even destroyer which is supposed to be “the slow class” can do 30k+ dmg with perfect swing which is insta cast and also has multiple dashes (running crash, jump, the other dash with stun) also destroyer can have ranged skills with earth wave, all that stuff is insta cast and does more dmg and is superarmor

As a ranged ur supposed to be able to control/zone the map and stuff but in reality you can’t do shit against a melee cus they’re faster, tankier and outrange you?

Summoner literally has no mobility skills, zero, none. If a destroyer walks up to you and uses identity then you’re pretty much dead, they don’t have to aim or anything so your only mistake is for letting them get close but how can you not let them get close when they have 3+ dashes and you have none?

Meanwhile shadow hunter has multiple ranged abilities and like 4 dashes with super low cooldowns like what? ? ? ??

This game is just badly designed;. Since i started in top 20 there’s been 15+ melees consistently. There’s never been a mage in top 10 for as long as i remember/i’ve checked as more than just a fluke, few times gunslingers but those aren’t really a ‘ranged class’ as they’re pretty much a melee one (their combos,dmg, everything is melee + their skills are designed as those of a melee)

Also fisters and deathblade are still broken beyond reason

why is nobody talking about this ?

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Summoner literally has no mobility skills, zero, none. If a destroyer walks up to you and uses identity then you’re pretty much dead, they don’t have to aim or anything so your only mistake is for letting them get close but how can you not let them get close when they have 3+ dashes and you have none?

Summoner has

movement skills

  • Shurdy which gives you 10% movement speed which ignores collisions (apart from extra damage)
  • released will which gives you excellent mobility to make a step backwards and knock your opponents down


You have enough skills to knock the destro down before he arrives:

  • steed charge which launches enemies into the air
  • 2 hard CCs: electricity release and the stun from Maririn


If you gain identity you have further options to knock the destro back/launch in the air.

However, one actually doesnt fight the destro. One avoids him. Or stun and leave him alone. None wanna play with him.

Just go out of sight and let your front fighters take the damage of the destro or someone else.
Try not to die too often. You can do great damage over a huge area if you position correctly.

Besides there were/are Sorc GMs. One of them is Coolkie and the other was Blinkz I guess. Maybe there were/are more, but not playing regularly at the moment and descended to master.

Though I definitively know how Coolkie plays. She plays in the shadow, abusing the point of view, attacking from where you cannot see her and staying alive taking almost none damage by it.

Sorcs play is usually waiting for someone being caught of your team and then attacking/peeling.

Also, its not true that you have map control with long range. Sorc for example often gives up map control due to her blink to where she cannot be caught.

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Bro @Ouvertuere , did you just write a wall of text to explain how character A and character B is played when the guy is making a post about Melee vs Ranged?

OP: “So let me talk about A…”
You: “You should do X Y and Z because that’s how you play B.”

bruh :joy: Talk about being condescending xD

Anyway… I agree, this game is terribly designed for PvP, which is why it took me forever to even play it (tried a bit season 1 and hated it, but back then the class pool was very limited). This season I already played 100x more, but still can’t deal with those destroyers and strikers, always jumping on you with 0 consequences.

The game was designed for PvE and it excels at it imo. Love the PvE combat… but PvP is so badly balanced.

No, I didnt, if you could read correctly. I quoted a part of his sentence and referred to it. Do I have to explain more? Hope not. ^^

Mah man, he simply used an example to support his statement about Ranged vs Melee. It’s called a rhetorical question. he wasn’t asking you to explain him how to play xD

In my experience mage like classes are not good in pvp youre very dependent on your front liners to engage well for you. Sadly pvp is very unbalanced and devs dont seem to care much avout it. When i see a desthblade i just pray shes no very experienced otherwise theres not much you can do

But its not true. The truth is, he doesnt know the mechs. He name dropped super armor and the like, but in fact, if you have three sorcs and three melee, usually the sorcs will win if there arent any divers.

So I leave it like that. Its the overall tactic of the team and the knowledge of the system. If you dont wanna learn the system then just stop.

Edit: To correct you, bard isnt a ranged class at all. She is middle to front fighter!

Classic. xD
OP: “So let me talk about A…”
Random forum person: “You should do X Y and Z becuase that’s how you play B. You should learn mechanics”.

There, fixed. Condescending af xD

Seems you love to troll.

So he admitted not knowing how to stop a destro as summoner.
What leads me to the conclusion that he might not know how to stop a destro with other classes?

Excactly. A destro can always be stopped with hard ccs or slows.
What you have to do is, looking in your skill portfolio what you have to stop him.

If he knew in general how to stop him he wouldnt say as summoner that he doesnt know.

Discussion end. Not talking to people who arent willing to learn the mechs. Blaming the system for the lack of own skills.

However it is unbalanced, but there are GMS of classes others wouldnt achieve that rank, because the classes arent op: glavier and scouter for example. But they somehow managed… I wonder why?

About your argument, even if you know how to defend yourself and play with your ranged class, truth be said, theres cearly an unbalance right now. Top classes are paladin artillerist desthblade and destro all mele.

Soulfist is not Melee, its Mid Range Melee, thats why I outrange your Deadeye, because I am ranged class too. Don’t discriminate me like that :slight_smile:

Here @Ouvertuere , here’s someone that actually gets the point the OP is making.

I never said the guy knew the mechanics or knew how to deal with destroyers. Clearly, he doesn’t. But that’s not the point.

I’m not trolling btw. You’re just being condescending because you think you know better.
You don’t want to talk to people who don’t want to learn the mechs? Well, good for you. Now, if you’re so good, stop coming to the forums posting comments that completely miss the point and go get that Top 1. You’re clearly wasting time here :stuck_out_tongue:

what are u talking about? I play destro myself. You’re a complete buffoon if you think a single stun can stop a destro

if this was a open world 1v1 game then the only “ranged” class that could actually use its range for anything would be Gunslinger/Deadeye, every other ranged class would get caught 3000 times over without even a chance to fight back

there isn’t another mmo where ranged classes are this gimped compared to melee ones

Presentation 9.9/10

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The problem is more about the overpowered classes Deathblade and Destroyer. They have to many immunities. And they are not slow by any means. Ranked pvp is not a 1 vs 1 fight where you can run as much as you can. They will strike when you use your skills and yes they will get you and kill you before the stun is over. But thene again here come Arcanist that can kill you in one go with no chance of excaping even with the roll up.

The PVP in this game is very imbalanced. I know its hard to ballance a game with so many classes but it seems Smilegate lost all interest in PVP.

Guess I’ll bring out my destroyer for elgacia world pvp to vaporize all the kids ganking there, thanks for confirming.

hes not wrong in some accounts, destroyers identity is a free kill against summoner, 0 counterplay.
luckily most destroyers are far too stupid to actually run you down with it but give it couple of months and even they will learn. But thats not a problem with melee vs ranged but rather
" I am immune to everything for 10s " problem.
melee vs ranged is very feast and famine matchups usually, if you can horse the striker out of the air as summoner then there isnt much he can do to actually beat you, in the same vein if you are bad and cant do it then well, you will go to the floor, get up and get to the floor again repeatedly.

Melees do have longer engage range then ranged skills but for a very good reason, if they didnt they would automatically lose, ranged advantage is the fact that THEY have to move into you to pressure, and if they get cought they can get instantly killed off. Its not unusual for melee to engage, get hard CCed and die from 100% before stun wears off.
Its FAR easier to peel off melee chars then ranged and its far easier to catch multiple melee characters then ranged ones.

A single stun exactly when you are outside of any Destro shield/protection can stop a destroyer, the time for me to do my job and eat that HP of yours. Change my mind

Melees have near auto-win when they’re close so it should not be easy to get close.

In older games the concept of ’ range ’ actually meant something. In newer mmos like BDO or LA range is a joke and it means nothing.

Funnily enough when i made a transition from DOTA to LOL i noticed the same shit. In dota range meant so much and positioning as a ranged was important while in LoL you have melees outranging your ranged with their dashes like how stupid is that?

in this game as a ranged you cannot deal with a melee without outnumbering/help. if you’;re playing any mage against any melee , equal skill (provided you’re not much better than the enemy) you cannot outrun them or deal with them unless its a pure and complete 1v1. add a random skill/cc flying from someone on the map and the melee can easily deal with it while the ranged’s entire gameplay is dead

some of the ranged chars have " I win " buttons, like summoners push immune knockdown that striker can legit do nothing about other then hope you miss it
its not all black and white, as for league, a lot of adcs have ranged AND mobility advantage over melees

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