What's the purpose of currency conversion?

So . . . I spend dollars to get royal crystals. I can use those to buy things in the shop that sell for royal crystals, or I can spend royal crystals for gold. I can buy blue crystals for gold. BUT, I can’t sell my blue crystals and I can’t sell my gold (well, I can buy blue crystals with the gold).

Gold is only generated from the things the developers put in the game processes, generally rewards.

The economy is presented as if you’re buying gold and blue crystals from other players; however, players can’t sell their gold and blue crystals.

The company operating the game is creating all three of these resources. They control it. Blue crystals aren’t needed. They only exist at the conversion rates they do to complicate the numbers and get people to buy more. You can get some blue crystal rewards here and there, and gold rewards, but those wells start to run dry quickly.

It’s a smart way to do things. Sleazy, but smart.

(Edit: Or is there some way to generate these things that I am unaware of (highly possible), and have I overlooked how to sell blue crystals (also highly possible).

(Edit 2: Just wanted to clarify that I’m not complaining. I’m having fun with the game. I just don’t understand this and think it’s weird.)

When you “buy” blue crystals for gold, in order to facilitate that transaction, another player is “selling” royal crystals for gold. It’s not very obvious because the UI is pretty bad, but if no one wants to sell royal crystals for gold, no one is able to buy blue crystals, and vice-versa.

So yes, you are not able to sell blue crystals back in to gold, and it does suck that it’s one-way, but there definitely is a player-to-player aspect of the system and players are setting the market prices.

The positive side to the one-way trading is that whales can’t manipulate the market by buying up all of the blue crystals for cheap and then relisting them for 2x the price.

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Thanks. I figured I was misunderstanding something.

I guess it falls into my biggest overall criticism of this game: They need one patch solely focused on UI reworks and clarification of processes in the game.