Whats the reason behind alts if you cant use them?

so as of now, ive got 18 slots + 2 because the shop made it seem like i didnt have it maxed already… and thus need to wait for the release of the 24 slots.
but my question is why should i even get 18 alts if i cant even use more than 6 to farm gold?

Chaos dungeons, guardians, unas are not limited. Chaos = gold. Guardian = gold


so basically all that i need which is gold in its direct form is limited, and im unable to get any worth barely due to bots as of now? what is the reason then? Una`s rewards are mostly bound, so unless they make it roster it doesnt really do much… i already got 6 characters to 1300+ now, and currently got 9 characters on the run… but i dont see much reason doing t1-3 if all i get is the tradeable leapstones from guardians and the dest and guardian stones for selling… that itself is not why i paid 800 royal crystals per slot.
considering the price, it should either be uncapped or lowered in price seeing as more than 6 characters atm is basically worthless.

Bots haven’t ruined it. The crystals add up which you can sell, or hone with. The leapstones too, are at a good price. I did 10 alts on rested today and made 12k gold on EUC which equates to about 30k on NA. And silver from lopang. And every gold/red portal is 200g direct gold.

bots havent ruined it? really? we ended up with prices from 100g per stack of 10 guardian stone crystals, to then crash into the 60s, 40s, all the way down to 20 then lower in just a few days.
this wasnt because people alone farmed mats, this was because thousands of bots were running in the background.
i saw a guy running 5+ computers with a program running a botting script. all you could see was about 50+ windows per tab where they would run their alts through any chaos or guardian + more.

I’ve been selling all the extra unbound T3 leapstones I get on all characters and making a good amount of daily gold from it. Whether or not you sell anything is your call, but more characters are more sources of honing for your main if you have the time for it.

Diminishing returns

“but i dont see much reason doing t1-3 if all i get is the tradeable leapstones from guardians and the dest and guardian stones for selling… that itself is not why i paid 800 royal crystals per slot.”

Each 1370 gives more than 700g per day for just selling mats … maybe half for a 1340 one … in resume , more than what you get from abyss (the reason you are crying ) in a week … but yeah , thats not why you pay 800 crystals O.o . No wonder you are broke , you have no clue of the value of basically nothing .

That for sure did it’s part but that prices would fall was obvious even without bots xD. You can make alot of gold with alts besides gold limit. If that’s not for you you don’t have to do it.

“What’s the reason for having alts?”
It sound so crazy to have alts to play with them because you like it?


On KR servers mats are worthless due to raids inflation increased and ppl earn increadible amounts of gold in late game content. It would be even worse if ppl could earn gold on more than 6 alts. One guy from KR warned to not RMT cuz in few months it will be total waste of ur real money.

Forcing you to play alts to make other character progress is just bad design.

crystal inflation on KR server tho. 99$ package is worth about 1m royals, which is 12k on our server. and the price of the upgrade materials is exactly the same as here, so the only difference is that they have some other stuff that we dont that costs more.

ie: there is an item costing 55k royal crystal on KR, aswell as some stuff up to 300+k, yet f.ex the harmony shards costs exactly the same as it does here.
people saying were not getting this, but this is exactly what makes a huge difference when were supposed to be getting “up to date” with KR

im not against the design, but im not for it… what ruins it for me is the capping.
1: make it possible to re-run abyssals and bosses thats gated for experience so you can get better without getting any reward or minimum reward.
2: limiting the players from even running all their alts through the abyssals is a pain when you pay 1/15 of a 99$ package per slot.
so while im at 18 character slots (+2), ive basically paid almost a full 99$ for access to alts only… and that doesnt even come close to what ive even paid in full yet.
we`ve worked hard to grind these alts up, so why gate them from even being able to run? that just ruins another reason to even use that alt in the first place…

imagine getting 1490 with an alt, just to use it to grind chaos and guardians… what a damn waste!

They play longer also we cant compare it, they already had bilions of bilions gold, while we started with 0 it will take years on this servers to generate such amounts.

You can still farm gold, just cant get it from Abyss dungeons and other end game content. This becomes very important for handling gold inflation.

Btw jesus how do you have time to play that many characters? Whats your daily routine like?

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No we already have a bussing culture. That would enable to profit of it even more.

Nothing is limiting you from running them. You can run the abyssals and get the normal reward. Just no gold and extra box. The limit was higher than 6 in korea before, I think it was 12. But people complained that it was inhumane to expect people to do so many legion raids/abyssals in one week and would put people with less free time at a huge disadvantage because the sweatlords had so much money everything inflated in price

If you talk about royal crystal prices in KR then do your research right. They get “more” crystals in KR for their money but also pay the same ratio more per item in the shop. They basically add an extra 0 to everything.

youre mistaken. you cant rerun abyssals… you can run an easier variant of the abyssal which is also 3x longer.
this is not the same.

you clearly dont know what youre talking about.
i just literally said that the upgrade items costs exactly the same from the mari shop in KR, yet they buy for approx a million royals in the big bundle.
the items costs the same as it does here in EU/NA, but they got new stuff costing 55k+ which isnt in our game (yet).
so yes… they buy for the same, and get more… they even buy the same stuff we have for the same price we do pay for them… making it basically useless to sell upgrade mats, but potentially increases sales for some kind of premium items.
ive been trying to find the video where i was first shown these items, and i believe it either to be zeals or Mattjestic who showed the Mari shop in their video where they would also include these heavy priced items.

YOU clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

You said you can’t run all your alts through abyssals. You can, you just can’t get gold and the box on more than 6 characters.
You can’t run them multiple times on the same character for the reasons I already mentioned, which you chose to not read I guess.

Yes, mari shop prices may not differ. But stuff in mari’s shop costs BLUE crystals. Blue crystals != royal crystals. We exchange something around 230 royals to 95 blue crystals. IN KR they exchange 10x the amount of royals for the same amount of blue crystals.
All items in the shop with a royal crystal price are 10x higher.

As I said, do your research right. Stop spreading misinformation.

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what i said was also re-running the abyssals for no profit… so how would this profit einstein?