What's the September class?

we got “Arcanist” this month so which class is on sept?
Is it gonna be “Reaperist” ? “Summonist” ? “Scouterist” ? “Artist” ? “Aeromancerist”?

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You’d think roadmaps would be set for months and months in advance but it seems AGS is just kind of winging it as the months come and go, we only get roadmaps 2 months in advance and so far the pattern is we have to ask questions as to what specifically will be included and what wont be (stronghold 1460 honing buff for example, yoz’s jar being removed with no alternative way of getting the skins)

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neither artist or aeromancer for all we know

RU,JP just got those 2 classes and they are an entire expansion ahead so yes its definitely not those 2

Scouter or Reaper




Lemme just fix that for ya. Releasing roadmap 1 week before the first patch in the map isn’t a road map its patch notes and “hype marketing”

But in all seriousness there should absolutely be some level of planning already happening. maybe the class releasing changes but the general cadence for which content, what patches, and how to move the player base should all have been planned and ready to go on launch. There’s absolutely zero reason there should be any “winging” happening this late in the game alongside the fact that we are suppose to only be localizing the game not making major changes to it. Yet somehow mundane and major components seem to be breaking frequently not sure what’s happening on the back end here but there are shenanigans afoot.

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Mommy zerker

My money is on Scouter.

Scouter was released before Reaper, which sticks to their “We’re releasing oldest classes first” mantra. Don’t think it will be Summoner since we just got Arcana/ist. I don’t believe we’d get 2 mage sub-classes in a row, but I might be inhaling too much mokopium.


Idk I’m really thinking they’re gonna pull the “piss the community off then give them what they want later” strategy. Give us the least popular stuff then sprinkle in things like the honing buff when peak frustration hits to get people back on their side, rinse and repeat.

Both Scouter and Artist are some of the most vocal players as well as requested classes. They can hold those for quite a while then get a ton of happy players when they finally release them. In comparison the Reaper and Summoner groups are a much smaller population as well as much quieter so they can release those first suffer with a bit of the “but muh scouter/artist” then a little later be like “oh look we listened here’s scouter / artist”

Its amazing how wanted Scouter is, and I get it hurrr me ironman me go pew pew hurrr but for most people they’re going to relegate it to a lopang slave, and I bet there will be less Scouter mains than Destroyer mains.

Scouter may have come out before Reaper, but the reasoning they at least gave for releasing Arcana was there was only two mage subclasses. If we continue with that reasoning, we definitely deserve to get Reaper first, regardless of what you think of the class.

Glaivier was also wanted… only 10 people main glaivier now… loopang slave deadge.

They better release summoner…

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nobody is going to change mains at this point into the games release and not enough new players are joining and choosing new classes, releasing new classes is somewhat pointless since all of them will either be used exclusively for lopang or played by a few new players

I only know of 1 player on denube who still plays glaiver, no new players are choosing that class and anyone who created a glaiver uses it for lopang exclusively

wouldn’t you like to know, weather boy?

*sorry I had to do it :smiley:

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Female Berserker.

not sure when they will add an Elizabeth warren class but it sounds interesting

I am swapping main to reaper as soon as they release it. And i know some others in my guild that will do it too.

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So many people have already dropped Glaivier and Arcana and yet AGS is still too blind to see that their dumb cadence decision isn’t working lmfao

That sounded cringe. Not sure if that was supposed to be intentional or just stupid.