Whats the state of rankeds?

Im trying to get in a match with no succes, not matter the time I try to queu, I see the first 2 ppl in grand master with less than 30 matches each, only 2 ppl in gm have more than 100 matches. Can someone tell me how can I get in?
can I play with a party or something to reduce the amount of time?

I guess different times. On which region do you play?

Multiple GM’s exploited wintrading and boosting to reach the level they’re at, and now they can sit there without playing many matches as rank decay is practically nonexistent in this game. Other players had a more advantageous compression where their season 1 rank didn’t lose as much as they should, and they experienced unrealistic matchmaking gains due to this bug the devs say is working as intended. It was a big concern that’s been raised multiple times, but AGS/SG have shown no interest in seriously addressing any of the issues with PvP.

Win trading is a thing, toxicity is next-gen levels, people are mocking Amazon so much that they have “wintradedotcom” as their IGN. I checked it out and it’s a real boosting site (something along those names, I forgot the exact wording).

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