Whats to prevent someone from making multiple accounts for secret shop items?

Couldn’t you just send yourself gold and go to the secret shop and buy the new item thats worth like 1900g and sell it… buy more crystals and just keep getting free gold…

I mean whats stopping ANYONE from doing that??

1.9k is a pretty tiny amount of gold. It’s not really worth it if you have to manually farm it like you described.

It’s untradeable…


I sold all the boxes on the market for 1900… the boxes are not untradeable.

What boxes are you referring to?

t3 maras secret shop boxes get like 20 for 72 crystals or so.

What is the specific name? Every item on Mari’s Secret Shop says it binds when obtained. Nothing on that shop is sellable.


Second tab. Last page. 3rd from the bottom.

t3 chest (1-2) tradeable.

Oh the gems? I see what you’re saying now. Yeah, that is abusable. Definitely have to make a bunch of accounts to transfer but it’s doable.

like this guy said - it’s all bound…

They are NOT bound. The t2 and t3 chests ARE TRADEABLE. I’ve done it SEVERAL times.

What are u even going on about what chest ? Your making no sense all maris shop items are boundable you literally have no idea how mari shop works the only tradable boxs u can sell are skins how do u except to mail from one account to another

Use your eyes bud. Wartorn/Trade Skill rec tab.

Look at the T2 gem boxes and T3. Directly to the right of the name in white font it says


They are TRADEABLE ON THE MARKET. The chests themselves, not what is inside. THEY ARE TRADEABLE. I’ll take a picture for you if that’s what it’s gonna take.

he is right, you can sell that one item in particular, someone made a mistake

no mistake was made. In KR/RU gem chests and the gems inside the chest has always been tradable. There is no thing such as untradable gems. Now yes there are differences in each and every client, but AGS/SRPG has not mentioned anything directly referencing specifically that our client would make a new type of untradable gem.

Yea the chests of gems are aways sellable. I guess nothing is stopping anyone from doing that.

Except that no one should be buying them if they’re priced higher then the in game currency exchange. You should always go with the better crystal to gem price. So realisticly they should never sell.

If you price them at what the currency exchange rate is your losing gold since theres a transaction fee on the sale and you lose 5% of the sale price. And if you add the 5% to the buyers cost they should be making the purchase on the currency exchange instead.

So unless im missing something you would always lose money if your intention is to sell these chests. You should only ever use the mari gem chests if you literally need the gems to use ASAP and its a better value then the current in game exchange rate

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The chests sell for 55+ gold each, you can trade in crystals at 500 gold atm, sell 20x50=1k gold, at least 500 gold gain. People are buying them atm, so it is profitable, don’t know what the price is like in Korea compared to crystals.

What amazes me most is that you convinced someone to buy a gem crate at all, let alone for profit

Besides they have access to the same maris shop as you, and can just buy it themselves