Whats to stop AGS from locking servers again if the whole guild moves?

The BIG question is if we all throw away our progress to join a new server with our guild since half of them couldn’t get in can we get some sort of commitment from AGS that they won’t lock that one also and cause this issue all over again?


At this point we should assume that they will lock new servers if they are filled - so yes you may throw your progress away and start from beginning and then you still may be not able to play with your friends because they may lock the server.

TBH i find the locking of servers with large queues the only right choice AGS has made so far

Choice to lock was fine. 40 minutes notice was not.

Thats the issue.

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If they where smart they would have given enough notice for Founders only Because if you let your free 2 play mate in thousands would follow. But more notice for founders would have been nice but we are past that now

@Roxx Can you help me understand the risk? Is locking more servers still on the table and if so will we get a warning?

@Roxx WTH??! We all rolled a new server and its already locked. We used our stuff again. Are you SERIOUSLY telling me friends are never going to get to play with each other. I need an official response.

No, if they were smart, they would have limited 1st character creation in pre-launch servers to 10-20% of their maximum capacity, and releasing the rest of the capacity only after launch. This would have solved the long queues as well as the need to lock servers.

Of course, the entire game is just very poorly designed, so mistakes pile up to make other mistakes worse. They should not have even locked characters to servers at all, they should not have locked founder packs to servers, and in fact they should not have locked items to servers at all. All these issues have been solved in other games pretty much in the last decade.

You are wrong mate - mainly because of the early access founder pack issue.

Are you saying people who played early should not be able to play with friends who didnt?

Because even if there was 10 hour’s notice, this issue remains.

its better then 8 + hrs queues