What's with all this artist spam?

Not talking about you. Was talking in General. Sry. Was Not ment to offend you.

Artist score 1st at 30% in 15k vote polls tho.

I dont want to play bard or paladin, I want to play Artist. Now if I want to help, I will have to play a class that I didn’t like and wait for my main to be released and farm all over again to upgrade her or save resourses to when that happens. while that, stagged and seeing others happy having theyr progress on theyr mains

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Let’s asume they Release her tomorrow.

That Would Not change the shortage for atleast a month. Not that the shortage will dissapear because of one more Support bit what ever.

Would you rather have the problem fixed in a month or never? Are you really that close minded?

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You guys realise that in a more recent post on the matter from Roxx, she left out the “while this could change”, right?

It wont get fixed. Sad that you dont understand that. Will it get better? A little bit. Maybe 3%?

But there wont be a Flood of endgame Supports out of nowhere.

Can you please link this “more recent post” ?

April 28

May 10


Ahhhh, you found it, was just about to reply it

Thank you.

I don’t understand the moderation teams logic at all.
Apparently it’s completely okay to call a large portion of the playerbase pedophiles, but if you mention censorship or the shadowhunter demon form censorship you get banned for weeks.

Sad thing is this is true lol

This just is not true? Ive been posting about how awful the shadowhunter form change was since the forum opened. Nobody has banned me.

It looks so bad in the NA version. RU/KR its a badass sexy vampire demon and now it looks like a dirty tar monster. But it probably wont change. RIP the coolest class in the game

People must have said something extra wild about it. The CMs are pretty fair

The first part of his message is true. Pretty strange they let that happen

What’s it to you? You made a post complaining about people just wanting a particular class. What’s the problem? How does it affect you?

This :point_up:

Its simple, Lost Ark creates this problem in the First Place.
Genderlock and lack of Supports.
I Play only Females. So only Bard is Left.
I Play only Magic Based Classes, still only Bard left.
Bard is boring and annyoing.
Is Calligraphy Magic? When you splash Paint and a Whale Appears, i would say Yes.

Right now, my “selection” based on my “likes”, is limited to One Character, Sorc.
So i have Main Sorc, Alt 1 Sorc, Alt 2 Sorc. And if Aracana or Summoner is next Month, the next Alt would be one of that. Stil they are not a Support.
So heck, sure i play DPS and no Support, i have no CHOICE.
And if Artist is Fun i gonna play her, as active as my Sorc Main.

I played Priest and Support Alchemist in Ragnarok, while Main was High Wizard.
I have Druide in WoW while main is Warlock.

Such a onesided look of “dps are gonna dps, they never support”.

Agree there will always be a lack of Supports and Tanks, in any game ever.
But in any Game, still almost around the Clock, you find these 2 Classes in a reasonable time Frame.
Lost Ark it feels right now is just much worse then others Games. And simple because of the Lack of Choices.

So yeah any new Support, is Wanted, no matter the Character Design.
If they stop this Gender Locking, and develop any class with booth genders at the same Time, it wouldn even help alot more.

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And they are justifying the spam with “we need it because there’s not enough supports at Valtan”.

  1. How many of you have enough mats stockpiled to get Artist from 0 to 1415 and start doing Valtan, if it was released tomorrow?
  2. Second point is that my first point doesn’t even matter, because Artist will not magically erase the lack of supports problem that MMO genre had for like 2 decades. People who think that are either clueless or truly delusional. More choices of support classes will not make people play a support class. It mostly means that support players will have another support character to play with. Majority of people always found, across many game genres, support role to be boring and unappealing, no single class release will ever change that. Percentage may raise a bit, but it will change absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.

So yeah, stop selling this idea of Artist as this mythical creature that will make me not have to look for support for 30 minutes every time I queue for Valtan, because it won’t. If you truly think that you are both clueless and delusional. All you have to do is admit that artist should come out because you think that they are cool, and you would like to play them, there is nothing else to it, because their release will not fix anything.

THIS 100%

True, I mean a lot of these posts I see are people saying they already play a support and want to main Artist instead. That doesn’t solve the issue of people not playing supports. If people don’t like that playstyle, I really doubt they’ll main it. Same thing for gunlancer, if people don’t like playing gunlancer there is going to be a shortage on “tanks.”

This problem reminds me a lot of MOBA’s where people are adamant that their team needs healers in order to play or it’s a loss. When in reality if they could dodge skillshots it’d mitigate a lot of that requirement, support play is largely a bandage to bad play or just unavoidable minor chip damage.

I think if the made support play feel more impactful, more people would be lining up to play them. People say they’re boring but that’s how I feel about the majority of classes in this game. When you’re climbing and learning new stuff and advancing through new Guardian Raids your class seems cool and interesting. Then eventually it’s your weekly and daily grind that you’ve done week after week or day after day and all that excitement is lost. Take issue with the dev because they’re failing you and not the class.

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