Whats with the Gold Nerf?

Our reward for making it to 1415 is… no more gold? You already ripped us off tens of thousands of quest and rapport gold, and there is no replacement at 1415. Oh Valtan you say? Right let me just call my serious raiding guild who will one shot the new content in the new region week one. This addition to the patch is garbage, fix it, make the gold for hard mode valid to 1445 so we have some overlap. It rips off the middle class who want to progress but dont have a set raid group. I know that this gold nerf in other regions came after everyone had been steamrolling free gold for years… but you let us wallow in bot shit land with everything nerfed, removed, stolen . I wasted thousands of rapport of items on the FUCKING FALAJA CAT AND GUESS WHAT YOU ROBBED ME I GOT 700 GOLD THE FIRST TIME YOU OWE ME

Your reward for 1415 is access to normal valtan which nets you more gold. ZZZZZZZ


oh look the first dumass who replied already had his post pre refuted. Oops!

i mean i hear abyss dungeon as whole gonna lose gold reward or something… cant see any talk about making gold unless you t3.

do you not have any alts which can get the gold instead. Unless all your alts are 1415+ then you’re likely to have an alt able to help out?

Gold sources everywhere. Play the game.

yeah i agree. it is stupid considering we don’t actually have a lot of ways of making gold.

they are punishing the players because they don’t want to invest any considerable amount of money solving the bot issue, i.e creating better bot detection. this doesn’t do anything either except screw the real players over because ags/sg is deleting gold from players who rmt anyway. if you’re going to delete the gold anyway, why delete the source?? bots are bots, they don’t mind spending their entire week grinding gold and it doesnt bother them how long it takes them. you’re not deterring any bots from farming gold by removing the source

this post helped alot. makes sense that this is to hurt bots.

yes I have more alts I have 15 in total just did my eighth Punika quest. Its not about my personal gold situation its about the shitty economy management that Amazon does. Their only solutions so far have hurt players - remove income, nerf income , restrict trading (between players unless they pay money and wait a month to prove they arent a bot), and the swarms of bots continue. Theres 20 berserkers at any time just repairing at Vern Chaos Dungeon area.