What's with the no bid orehas?

just went into ‘no bid’ oreha with one of my 1370 alt’s

the leader was 1500 and of course i thought it was implied that it was a free bus since i’m not gonna be able to take part in bidding

however, the leader started telling me to participate and i asked… why the fuck aren’t we allowed to bid if we all had to participate?

then he went silent and the party went on to clear the dungeon

what do you guys think?

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Why a 1500 cannot solo it, is what I’m thinking.


they probably wanted to clear mobs faster and not wait the full 15s timer. Either way, who cares…? they obv did all the damage

because when u afk… trash mobs sometimes run to u, which as a result wastes time

What you are getting with the no bid Orehas is a guaranteed clear. You don’t pay, so you don’t get to bid (remember the high level guy gets no gold for doing the run). It does not mean you get to be lazy and have someone else do the work. You should be helping to better learn the fight and to get the run over faster. You want to AFK/bid then you should find a real bus and pay or run it yourself in a mm game.

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Idk about the learning part :rofl::rofl::rofl: i one shot albion before even the mech appears with my SH main.

idk i always afk in bus or carry they get their money or book or whatever i get my time, simple

No bid just means… no bid. You just don’t bid. It doesn’t say bus or anything like that

Also surely they can just clear the content, but that doesn’t really change things

Well my titles are usually like this " Free Bus no bid ez" or something like that, if the players want to help me fine, if they don’t want to help me fine too.

What do you mean with “participate”? if he meant you help killing boss then thats bs and he should not ask for no bid, specialy for 1500, however, if he ask you to not be 100% afk and make him wait 15 seconds on every teleport, you cant complain about that, unless clicking to move is too tiresome for you ofc

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