What's wrong with PvP and MMR?

I won 8 consecutive matches to go from 1355 to 1483 MMR and there are players with 30 matches (wins and losses) in the diamond. Lol
And I think ranked pvp is also not balanced. it doesn’t reflect whether the player played well or badly. It’s a 3v3 game and some classes have the advantage with super armor along with area skills. I’ve seen players who are using skills anywhere all the time and it doesn’t matter if they’re hitting someone, because they’re skills in area and at some point they’re going to hit. I liked the PvP style of Lost ark, but the 3v3 ranked and MMR system discourages me and makes me want to quit.

ots fine this hardcore type of pvp doesnt suit everyone. especially ppl who want easier pvp withless thinking and reaction time. thats totaly fine.

but as somebody who has no clue about pvp at all (you) you shouldnt talk about baalance at all just because you read it somewhere. at your lvl it doesnt make big of a difference

I can talk about balance too, because 80% of players are casual like me and not professional or hardcore. So, in your opinion, only those who play professional can complain? I may be crying and not be so right, but it doesn’t take away my right to complain. Imagine a hypothetical situation in which a class is not so strong in the pro, but is extremely strong in the low elo. If you go in the low elo matchmanking 5 players will be with her. Very cool match, but we can’t complain because for the ‘‘pros’’ it doesn’t matter. Then the game starts to decay because only hardcore opinion matters. Is that right for you?

Yep that is right, if you balance off of bronze players you end up with a non competitive game. Dont want that shit.

lets take artilerist for example… low elo its really good because ppl dont know how to play against it. but on higher elo it gets worse the higher you get (talking about solo q here). so if you would nerf it now because 95% ppl have prolems against it. artillerist would be unplayable because to weak.
so yes lower elo ppl opinion shouldnt have this much of an influx. high ranked play is where it matters

This pvp has no future at all as a competitive game, the system it’s not balanced at all, the best way to climb its to use paladin or bard and spam shields and heal and CC all over the place, it’s a joke of a system they put as ranked, i’m quitting the game for real now.

it’s a pure rng fest of people playing where they don’t belong or hardstuck due to rng. you can’t control teammates inting at the last second even when you have 450k damage / 2 deaths and played perfectly and causes you to chain lose points, there’s no point in taking this shit seriously lol

Actually wanted to climb today and first 3 games I played great and then ended up queueing into a plat carry team, bard/pala teams, people full engage inting 7-6 with 12 seconds left across the map, just nah, alt f4 I quit.