What's Your Favorite Island?

I think my favorite island is Boombling Island… for starters you get to quest as an adorable rock creature, and the princess’s audio dialog is perhaps the least cringe in the game. :slight_smile:

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Shadowmoon Market. No island comes even close.

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Why’s that?

Also, the dance club island rocks too.

I love the colors. The magical dark forest. The island feels like it’s in a different universe altogether. Everything about it my first time there I found interesting. The shops. I searched every corner of it and read everything just from how interesting it was to me. It felt great to be there.
It was like… being in spirited away in some sense. =P


Azure Wind because you can ride a horse on it.

That is very cool, I will have to go check it out soon, thanks for sharing.

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Metus island, best island!

Loved Metus Island a lot honestly, but… i think it is quite unpopular opinion.

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I did… kind of hate that island. That being said I can understand why people would like it, and there was a lot of cool things about it. My hate comes from the frustration of the quest.

i know, most hate comes from some failed, with the fact that those quest have no checkpoint (hello the one in Feiton)

And i am maybe helped to love it by the fact i did it without any fail (did some hit, but never “lost” )


probably 2nd, for how beautiful it is

from a practical standpoint actually opher, because i get an unhealthy amount of stress and anxiety from inventory clutter, and when i go deposit all the stupid island souls i feel so relaxed and satisfied its like i am getting a full body massage.

from a aesthetic/setting perspective i think shangra is pretty nice,

gameplay wise i like snowpang for the snowball fights

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Ooo that island looks awesome, but I love horror movies.

The one that unlocks the /frustrated emote XD

Shadowmoon is certainly visually nice.
Metus Island is different enough from the rest of the game which I liked.
Promise Isle has a nice view.

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Metus Island.