Whats your opinion that the new Region is called "EU West"?

Really want to know your opinion. So do you think it was the right decision? If not what would be a better name?


There was some feedback around this that we did discuss, but ultimately the decision was made in order to keep the naming conventions uniform.

Just wanted to share that insight – folks can still be free to discuss.


Why on Earth does it matter?


They had to name it somehow. Are you hurt because of it?

It’s there to bait new players into that region. Look at League of Legends, West is way more popular than EUNE. The servers are in the same location, so calling it West is a blatant lie.


The real question is where is the OCE server?.. Be nice to play with a decent ping.

Hello , i think its not a good idea to seperate the new EU region from the Central one. Why should players , that already grinded switch into this region when they cant even play with their friends from central?

The only way i could imagine to Switch to the New Region would be a Character/Account transfer to the new Region and meet up with friends there.

If theres no Transfer “token” i cant see a reason to success on this.


How about you search for it? There are only around 9000 threads about that.

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It’s not for current players. It’s there to bait new players into that region. Look at League of Legends, West is way more popular than EUNE. They don’t care if the current region will be dead in a few months which is ironic, because the current players are probably the ones willing to spend the most money in this game.

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The people not liking the name are the same people who refuse to move and want to keep everyone stuck in the current EU server.

That name actually would help to get an influx of players there as well. If for example they named it EU2 or whatever:

  • Most of the people won’t move there which means it wouldn’t fix anything
  • The EU2 server will quickly die and everyone who started there will basically need to start over.

With name EU West:

  • first it follows their naming convention.
  • there’s a chance a decent amount of new players would go there instead of trying to go into EU Central and keep pressing the queue and stability issues.
  • maybe a bigger amount of people would move from the current EU Central into EU West and this would alleviate the current issues.

TLDR: People that are not ok with that name are people that refuse to move in the first place and want the new EU server to die.


I mean what should they have named it?






Can we just cut this crap out please? How does the name of the region impact us as players? Do we want to play this game or do we nitpick over a lousy name? Name it whatever, just hope that players from Central Europe region will go to this new region and at least lower the queues to something more acceptable (small queue or none at all).


If anything the main might help the new servers get more nrw players keeping them away from the older fuller servers.

But ultimately, if im playing on them and they have no queues or lag then they can call them anything they want xD

  • The naming convention that NA has is based on the server locations, it won’t be the case in the European region which makes it moot.
  • It is already known from League of Legends that if there is a split with a “EU West”, then most people will flock towards that region. This will effectively drain the population of the current region slowly, leaving the dedicated people who bought the founders pack to play on dead servers.
  • It’s ridiculous to expect people to reroll on a new region when there are people who have spent 100h+ on the game. Even for people who haven’t managed to play too much should have a level 50 character by this point. You are forced to redo everything. If you’re competitive you will have a huge setback, if you’re casual you will have days to redo the most boring part of the experience while managing your job.
  • There are already “spanish servers”, “french servers”, etc. They are in the West. Now there will be a lot of confusion about EU central and EU West for new players from these countries.

It should be “EU we fucked up… sorry” So we always remember.

… nah, EU West is fine.


No one is forcing you to reroll, this is your FOMO hitting the forum. You’re basically one of the many ppl refusing to migrate to alleviate the queues and now having FOMO that EU Central might die due to the EU West naming. It won’t, it will simply incentivize new people to go there and some to merge so everyone can play. If they name it EU Central 2, then the new one will die for sure.
Also are you using AWS? This is exactly how their data centers are named in the platform, so it is following a convention.

Regarding the League part. Initially when the split happened, EU West had a bigger population due to how the server population was spread. Also everybody was playing where they were assigned initially with small exceptions. The reason EU West gore much more popular is due to more PRO players coming from that region and better quality of the ranked system. So it’s basically an esports driven thing. You can look an example china, they have over 10+ servers and still one have ‘super server’ where everyone plays on due to the high quality games and best players being there.


I just hope the new region has enough servers and its not full of queues like eu central ^^

Yes, I’ve been working with AWS and this is once again moot because the server location in Europe will not reflect the naming “West / Central”, this is obviously misleading. And fyi Europe does not have “west” and “central” in their name like the US does, they have it in their region code though.

You are obviously reflecting with the FOMO, you’re afraid that Europeans complaining will bring a bad reputation to the game so you try to shut down any complaints because you have stable servers. Newsflash, people like you are only making the problem worse because the problem doesn’t go away just because you try to shut down the other side.

Use your imagination, who is saying that it has to be numbered? It doesn’t have to be EU 1 and EU 2.

Just bait. To get ppl to the new region.

Cant w8 for the launch hype to be over. The game losing a ton of players and suddenly u have half empty servers on EU central and an entire half dead region called EU West.

Then they cant merge these two, since they are diffrent regions.

So we r stuck there without merge or server tranfer option.

If they know they wont be able to merge them, this is yet again a complete idiotic decision by AGS…


With all respect: ‘Central Europe’ vs ‘Europe West’. How is that uniform? EU 1 and EU 2 or similar would be fair. Current naming exploits (strong word I know but could not think of another one) political and historical divisions on this continent.

That being said I will wait and see who goes there really.