Whats your opinion that the new Region is called "EU West"?

Why should i go to the new region after like 10 days of playing already, just to start again from 0 ? People took their days off from the work, playing all days until now, if they dont make characters/account transfer, they literally dont care about that. They should lock those servers after headstart, so f2p players wont join those overload servers, now because of that, there are like 20k que after 1pm, and game become unplayable around 4 pm, because of lags and delays


Here you go Mr. : https://i.imgur.com/4SP2epF.png
That’s how AWS datacenter regions are named.

For a moment ignore your personal progress and think what’s the best way to incentivize people to start on the new server and some to migrate, so basically everyone can play? If you try to look from their POV that’s basically the best decision to have both servers running smoothly and everyone playing. That’s their goal in the current situation and that should be everyone’s.


Are you acting oblivious or do you have no experience with AWS? It is literally confirming what I said, the name does not include east/west/central, the country code does.

Please send the same picture but for the US.

I’m still curious what you want them to call it.

EU-West is fine. We just need to wipe the EU-Cent so that all players can freely start playing there.

They are naming them based on their host locations. How you want to name them?

It should be named EU-English… Then rename Central to EU-FR/DE/ES. Take popcorns out and watch this scene to unfold.


It’s not my job to find out, but funnily enough Pokemon has some naming convention that makes things more neutral. I am sure someone getting paid can find better alternatives with more than 30sec of brainstorming.

  • Europe X & Y
  • Europe insert-ingame-material
  • Europe sun & moon
  • Europe color1 & color2
  • Europe cityname/charname1 & cityname/charname2

The best thing is to give people an option which region to play on so they don’t have to abandon their progress.

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You are evil :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Maybe they should do Europe Gigachads and Europe newborn babies


Now consider the current situation from their shoes:

  • You have an existing server up from more than a week which is constantly crashing, overwhelmed with queues and stability issues due to the amount of players. Your only solution is adding a new server.

How you would do it to incentivize people to migrate to the new server, new people to start on it as well and make sure you distribute the numbers between the servers and have everyone playing and no stability issues? Have in mind there’s already been a week+ progress on EU Central and this is not an easy thing to drop for most people.

Let’s be honest for a moment, long-term wise this hype will die. They either need to wait 1-2 months with current situation or add a new server and give their best to incentivize people to start playing there as well.

Reality of things is that no matter what they do, we will need transfer/merge functionality in a matter of 2-3 months and as soon as the servers are stable they should start working with Smilegate on that to ensure EU doesn’t become a graveyard. The worrying thing is such functionality currently does not exist for the game at all, meaning it will be development from ground zero.


That’s exactly what I came here to write, but better said than I ever could

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EU West is fine. I hope to see the servers online soon. :slight_smile:

Reality of things is that no matter what they do, we will need transfer/merge functionality in a matter of 2-3 months and as soon as the servers are stable they should start working with Smilegate on that to ensure EU doesn’t become a graveyard.

I agree with this, I think Europeans can sleep more easily if we get a statement that they guarantee that they will work on implementing something like a transfer/merge in the future.

All we (me?) have heard is that it’s impossible and that it has been requested before but smilegate has been very reluctant to do anything about it. If we knew transfers would actually happen in the future, then I think there would be less complaints.

We all know what they are trying to do with naming the new region EU West and the effect they intend it to have will continue to have an effect way after the hype has died down.


What will happen when the hype goes down and “EU WEST” will “die”?

thinked every single person on old server :stuck_out_tongue:

@Garvin90 they will merge servers presumably, anyhow something must be done as atm game is barley pleyable for everyone in EU


The thing is that from here a long time, when the people who come to play and don’t know anything about what has happened now, they will choose their region where they are and if in the chat there is a person speaking a language of the " another" region there will be more racism and toxicity than there is today

The thing is that they can’t give such statement since this is something Smilegate would need to decide and develop.

They are working short-term to resolve current issues and go step-by-step. I’m hopeful some kind of merge/transfers will be next thing to discuss with Smilegate on their list once everything is stable.

I am on their side to make sure they promote the new server in a proper way to incentivize spread so everyone can play. I lived through the new world’s launch nightmare and I am not ready to do it again.

Do we know if the EU West region is housed in the same location as the EU Central region? Or is one region in Frankfurt and one region in Paris? If it’s the latter it could be that they are named after what part of Europe the servers happen to be housed in. And in that case the name is fine.

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I really don’t understand why anyone who is on central and doesn’t want to move even cares what the new region is called. It’s kinda non of their business.

There’s so many comments like “don’t move to EUwest it’ll be dead region”. Why? My guess is they are actually worried that a significant group of people will actually move there and it’ll effect them? You would think that’s what they would want?

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