When are new skins coming?

hey i wanted to ask if it is already known when more skins will come into the shop? because lost ark itself already has hundreds that simply have to be inserted.


Censoring may take times


There are more “outstanding” problems to be fixed, again and again and again and again…

Don’t quote me on this but apparently there may be some form of an update next week? What it includes is anyones guess. It’s likely we wont see anything until they get the server issues and payment issues under control as the CM has mentioned those are the priority at the moment.

Stable servers are far more important than new content.

NA is doing fine. EU can wait. We need more content and skins. Y’all have flooded this forum with tantrums and complaints.


you guys are acting like adding a skin that is already made aka no work needed will do anything on the server issue like… wtf are you on lmao

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Also uncensored, or else ima lose my shit!


I don’t think that’s very fair. EU deserves working servers they can log in in, matchmaking that works, everything. They can’t “wait”. They are players too.

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Brother, Im on EUC and idk what you are on about. Releasing skins aint got nothing to do with server stability.

You think the people that put already existing skins in the shop, are otherwise working on server stability?

You can have both, without either one getting neglected.

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The person I replied to said NA servers were fine, EU could wait. That’s what I was replying to.

Models are done. Art is done. They literally need to import them into the game. There are close to 100 outfits available in korea.

1 person should be able to import that in a matter of hours.

But AGS , an (indie) company cannot even in front of large player requests because they are too busy solving problems… they created?

Until were given a statement they either dont care or are busy censoring it.

Speaking off… Most threads go unanswered. Responses are rare,and when you get a response it is generally just delaying or unsatisfactory. Were never given any dates.

We are so often left in the dark and to guess because nobody answers. Threads just getting bumped without meaningful comments hoping someone will notice us.

Where are the CMS in this forum?

Is amazon game studios SO BUSY that they don’t have 3 people to do public relations at the top posts in the forums daily? Damn man toss them a coin or something. Get prime my dudes.