When are they going to nerf clown since they are taking away our pheons?

I was going to use the free pheons to make my character more powerful so that I could take on the new legion raid Kakul-Saydon I was trying to defeat this clown and now I cannot because there was a piece I wanted to buy to beat him. Now that they took away my pheons are they going to nerf clown because they are basically forcing me to buy those pheons to beat the clown it’s been over a month and I can’t beat him and they take away my pheons? Also they took away my battle items that they gave me and I now I won’t be able to throw battle items on the turtle boss anymore. So please nerf clown boss or give me my pheons back.

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Clown is already super easy lol

nerf clown? lul

I claimed my free 240 pheons and spent it all gearing my main with 36 tripoda. I play 12 hours a day and I still can’t defeat Kakul Saydon. I thought this was the relief at the end of the tunnel. Will I ever escape?

It got nerfed multiple times in KR, we got the nerfed version :smiley:

Your the reason they took my pheons away because you no life this game all day and have so many characters that it’s not fair to the casuals like me who only play 1 hour a day and have 3 characters and just wanted to buy 1 piece of gear to beat the clown, you should be able to beat the clown on your 24 characters.

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dude… idk what you smoking… but i need that sh**t too

I think things will be fine once maintenance is over, maybe there will be some minor issues with people having spend pheons already - but they will probably address that somehow.

Clown has nothing to do with any of this, and on Wednesday there will be a very fat event that gives alot of materials and items - if that is what you think you need to beat it.

But honestly, character strength is not too important for clown. People with many clears are clearing it on their 1475 alts with very crude gear, because they know the raid well.

I agree, the clown known as AGS / SG, is way too op

At this moment yeah, they are the clowns AGS/SG needs to be nerfed or removed. NGL

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